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Monday, April 28, 2008 - 10:59pm

Memo to Reverend Wright:  Shut the F Up!

The crazy, bible-thumping, lunatic pastor Jeremiah Wright is back at it, making ridiculous statements and giving the braindead mainstream media more fodder to play with.  Speaking before the National Press Club, Wright re-iterated that the American government created the AIDS virus to commit genocide against African-Americans.  Whatever Jeremiah Wright says after that outrageous statement doesn't matter.  That proclamation alone should give him a one-way ticket to the loony bin. 

Jeremiah Wright is like a godsend to Hillary Clinton and the GOP.  Every time he opens his mouth, he makes Barack Obama look terrible.  Of course, he doesn't speak for President Senator Obama, but the media will pretend that he does.

What's pathetic in this whole situation though is that the media is latching onto this man's commentary as if he matters.  He doesn't.  He belongs in the same category with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.  They are old, stupid, backwards men who say dumb things to get a rise out of people and to get on television.

Unfortunately, the media is more clueless than Jeremiah Wright.  They only report on outlandish behavior.  Whether it's Brittany Spears or Ann Coulter or Rosie O'Donnell, the media is only concerned with boosting ratings.  The numbers don't go up with rational discussion about the issues.  They only go up with inflammatory reports.  Don't expect anything to change.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 10:55pm

The Pledged Delegate Race is Over

Hillary Clinton will win Pennsylvania by about 10%, but she will pick up only 16 delegates on Senator Barack Obama.  The delegate breakdown projects to be 87-71.  Therefore, Obama will carry a commanding 150 delegate lead into North Carolina and Indiana.  He is leading comfortably in North Carolina and is slightly behind in Indiana.

 North Carolina and Indiana vote on May 6th.  The worst case scenario is that Obama breaks even in pledged delegates in those two states.  It is more likely that he increases his delegate lead back to where it started tonight. 

Either way, after May 6th, there will be only five states and one territory remaining.  Three of those states favor Senator Obama (OR, MT, SD), while two favor Senator Clinton (WV, KY)The one territory favors Clinton (PR).

The bottom line is that there are not enough pledged delegates left for Hillary Clinton to win that battle.  In fact, it would be almost impossible to get Obama's lead under 100.  Most superdelegates will not want to overturn the will of the voter.  If the pledge delegate numbers aren't close (and they won't be), the supers will continue to move to Senator Obama.

In a few weeks the math will become obvious, even to braindead politicians.  I predict that Hillary concedes on May 7th, right after losing North Carolina.


Monday, April 21, 2008 - 10:25pm

All Eyes on Pennsylvania

Polls in the Keystone State open in less than ten hours and it can't come soon enough.  There hasn't been an election in six weeks and the two Democratic candidates have been hammering each other nonstop.  Ok, it's really just been Hillary doing the negative campaigning, but she's trying really hard to persuade everyone that Barack's the one being negative.

By the math, Hillary needs to win Pennsylvania by at least 25%.  Anything less and she'll never catch Obama in pledged delegates or popular vote.  There are only seven states (and two territories) left after PA and time is running out on Hillary.

According to RealClearPolitics, Obama leads by 166 pledged delegates.  If Hillary wins PA by 6%, she'll only cut into Obama's lead by 10 delegates.  If she wins by 10%, she'd still only capture 16 net delegates.  At the end of the night, Obama will continue to hold a commanding lead in pledged delegates.

I'm afraid that if Hillary wins PA by even one vote, she will stay in the race and drag this thing out until at least May 6th when North Carolina and Indiana vote.  She will refuse to do the math.

If Clinton wins PA by less than 5%, expect a large number of superdelegates to move to Obama's corner.  Remember that Hillary was ahead in Pennsylvania by 17% only four weeks ago and the demographic is completely in her favor.

If she wins by high single digits, expect nothing to change from what we've seen the last six weeks.  If she does somehow win by double-digits, you'll see a pause in superdelegate movement until NC and IN.  Stay tuned.


Sunday, April 13, 2008 - 9:45pm

I'm Bitter!  How About You?

Some people are in a tizzy over Barack Obama's recent comments that voters in small towns in America are bitter and angry.  He stated that they are bitter because they feel they have been left behind by Washington.  Senator Obama went on to say that these folks often turn to what they can count on.  They rely on their faith, they get frustrated over the influx of illegal immigration, and they vote on gun rights.

 Obama's comments were immediately taken out of context by, surprise, Hillary Clinton.  She jumped on his statement and attempted to paint him as some sort of elitist who is condescending to working class folks.  Of course, it's hard to argue that Obama is an elitist considering he was raised by a single, teenage mother who struggled to make ends meet.  It's even more difficult for Hillary to argue the point as she looks down on every human being on Earth.

I am from a small town and I live in a small town.  I can confirm that I am extremely angry, quite bitter, and very frustrated.  I'm angry that our government sends our sons and daughters to fight and die in an unjust war.  I'm angry that I live in a country that tortures human beings.  I'm angry that my government takes more than half of my hard-earned money in taxes for no reason other than to make themselves more powerful.

I'm also frustrated that as a 34-year old man, my entire adult life has had only a Bush or Clinton in the White House...and that it could continue into my forties.  The two worst presidents in the history of the United States have been Bill Clinton and George Bush.  For over fifteen years, I've had to put up with these disgusting, unethical, pathetic, corrupt thugs.  It needs to end.

Obama was right.  We the people are bitter and angry.  A lot of things need to change in this country for us to get happy.


Monday, April 7, 2008 - 10:00pm

Questionable Earnings from The Clinton's

Of the $109 million the Clinton's earned from 2000-2007, one source of income looks suspicious.  Bill Clinton "earned" $15.4 million from the Yucaipa investment firm from 2003 -2007.  What did he do to earn this massive sum of money, you may ask?  According to Senator Clinton's spokesperson, Bill provided advice on potential investments, advocated on behalf of the fund, and created opportunities for investors to consider investing in the fund.

Now let's consider these three job responsibilities.  First, since Bill Clinton has zero investment experience, providing advice to a group of investment experts on what to buy seems a wee bit far-fetched.  The second and third points appear to be BS.  How does one advocate on behalf of the fund?  Was Bill one of their salespeople?  Also, how do you create opportunities to invest in the fund?  Anyone with enough money should be allowed to invest.

So for being a salesmen and novice investor, the Yucaipa Cos. investment firm paid Bill Clinton $15.4 million over five years.  Not a bad gig if you can get it.

The Yucaipa Companies is a questionable firm in its own right.  It is owned by Ron Burkle, one of the richest people in the world.  A recent Wall Street Journal report showed that one of President Clinton's aides helped arrange a partnership with Burkle.  Interestingly, the partnership dissolved over charges of misused funds.

It's hard to tell exactly why Bill Clinton was paid all this money, but it most certainly was not to provide investment advice.  Much like the rest of his life, this activity falls under the skeptical category.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008 - 11:05pm

About Those High Gas Prices

There is a very simple solution to lower gas prices across the country, but no politician is suggesting it.  Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton talk about a "windfall" profit tax on oil companies, while Republicans offer up no viable solution.  With gas prices over $3/gallon, the best and fastest solution to reduce the cost is to eliminate the federal and state taxes on gasoline!!!

It's very simple.  For every gallon of gas you pump, the federal government takes 18.4 cents.  Then the state gets a piece of the pie.  The worst offending state is New York, which takes a whopping 42.4 cents per gallon.  The least offending state is Alaska, but even they take 8 cents per gallon.  The combined average tax on the American consumer is 46 cents per gallon.  Eliminate the gas tax completely and you will immediately reduce gas prices.

Of course we know that politicians would never, ever get rid of the gas tax.  Democrats never reduce taxes and Republicans will never bring it up for fear of shining the spotlight on their beloved oil industry.

Politicians would rather tax something rather than eliminate a tax.  I am a huge fan of Barack Obama, but if he decides to tax American corporations for making a large profit, which is what they're supposed to do, he should have his head examined.  The windfall profit tax is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of.  It is anti-capitalism and anti-American.  It would set a precedent that allows a politician to decide how much profit is too much, which is a frightening thought.


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