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Thursday, August 31, 2006 - 12:15am

Vote For Republicans Or You Are Un-American

Do not confuse dissent with disloyalty.  Those were the words of Edward R. Murrow decades ago.  Apparently, Rumsfeld and Cheney didn't get the message.  The war-mongers have taken to giving political speeches that blast anyone who criticizes them as appeasing terrorists.  If that doesn't support my opinion that these people are lunatics, I don't know what will.  I guess Cheney and Rumsfeld do not want to live in a democracy.  They'd be much more happy with a dictatorship, where nobody ever disagrees with them.


   Rumsfeld and Cheney feel that this threat of terrorism (that they created) is a rise of fascism.  Maybe they should look up the definition of a fascist.  It describes someone with extreme, right-wing views who advocates a dictatorship.  That sounds an awful lot like what the current administration is, not what they're fighting against.  Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are the fascists.  They abhor dissent, they ignore laws, and they'd like to rule with an iron fist.  If they had their way, people like me would be jailed or killed for expressing an opinion.


The real threat to the world is not Islamic fascism, it is American fascism.  It has already begun with this administration.  Now that their dictatorship is being threatened by the Democrats and the mid-term elections, the administration is rolling out their minions to castigate all that dare to oppose them.


Here is the problem.  An election is coming up and people are angry.  The anger is directed primarily at Republicans.  The war in Iraq is going very, very badly and the Bush administration knows that the election will be about the war.  They need to win this election or the Democrats will expose the many laws that they are breaking.  If Democrats gain control of Congress, they will chair all the committees and launch investigations against these crooks.  One can only hope.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006 - 12:30am

Mississippi Recovering Much Faster Than New Orleans

One year after Hurricane Katrina came ashore, the shores of Mississippi are recovering exponentially faster than the city of New Orleans.  There are many reasons this is true.  For starters, Mississippi is above sea level, so although some towns were flooded initially, the waters quickly receded after Katrina came ashore.  Also, the scope of the tragedy in Mississippi is smaller, and thus more manageable than it is in New Orleans.


   The main reason, however, is the gaming industry.  Before the hurricane, the casinos were not allowed on land.  The laws did not allow actual gambling on the land, so the casinos were all located on floating barges just off the shore.  That turned out to be a very bad bet.  Almost all of them were destroyed.  The head of the gaming commission knew that to get Mississippi back on its feet, the casinos had to return.  So legislation was passed only weeks after the hurricane to allow casinos to build 800 feet inland.  The casino owners already had their hotels on land, so it was an easy transition for them to allow gambling inside the hotel.


A year later, 8 out of 12 casinos that existed before Katrina are now open.  This has allowed tens of thousands of people to be employed and has given people a reason to come down to Biloxi.  It has made a huge difference.


Mississippi still has a long, long way to go before they are fully recovered, but they are on the right track.  They are years ahead of New Orleans at this stage.


This video above shows some great footage of Hurricane Katrina as it came ashore in Mississippi.  It is taken from the Beau Rivage Casino.  It gives you an idea of what the coastline used to look like and the destruction the storm caused.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006 - 12:45am

Crazy Katherine Harris

Are there any politicians left who aren't discriminatory wackos?  The bigot of the week goes to Representative Katherine Harris (R-FL), who stated that if you are not electing Christians into office, you are going to legislate sin.  Wow!  What a nut-job!  That's worse than the macaca slur and the Biden 7-11 comment.  Congresswoman Harris went on to say that God did not want the United States to be a nation of secular laws and that God chooses our rulers.


   How in the world did this lunatic ever get elected to anything? She was elected to Congress and now she's running for the Senate.  You have got to be joking.  She doesn't believe Jews or Muslims or non-religious people can enact legislation.  Lock this one up in a padded cell immediately and throw away the key.


The scary part is that there are lots of Republicans in office that share this crazy sentiment.  They're just not stupid enough to say it (except for Rick Santorum). 


In the last six years, the Republican party has been hijacked by a bunch of bible-thumping, Jesus freaks.  They are destroying this country.  They have not only trampled over Democrats, but have eliminated many moderate Republicans in politics.


I'm sure you remember moderate Republicans.  They believed in fiscal discipline, war only when necessary, and acceptance of all people and religions.  Those people are all gone now.  They've been replaced by fascist, war-mongers who believe white Christians are better people than everybody else.


What I don't get is that these people go to church every Sunday and are taught to accept all people.  Somehow they leave the church with the belief that all other religions are inferior to theirs. They are brainwashed into thinking that Christians are superior and all others must be converted into their way of thinking.


This mentality may sound familiar.  It is the way people thought hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, people like Katherine Harris and her kind have simply never evolved.  They are stuck in the Stone Age, unable to come to grips with reality.  The reality is that there are hundreds of religions in the world and not one of them is any better or worse than the next.  In fact, they all basically believe in the same thing; a higher power.


People like this should never, ever represent us in government.  There is no place for religious zealotry in public office.  We need to vote these people out and fast.


Monday, August 28, 2006 - 1:00am

Katrina One Year Later

For some reason, I have always followed hurricanes very closely.  I guess you can call it a dorky habit, but I've always paid attention to them.  However, when Katrina was strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico, I was attending my best friend's wedding.  I did not go near a television.  I knew Katrina had crossed Florida as a Category 1 storm and had gone into the Gulf, but had lost track after that.  So when I learned that Katrina was a Category 5 and headed straight for New Orleans, I was immediately horrified.


   One of the first things you learn when following hurricanes is that New Orleans is the worst possible location for a hurricane to hit.  As we all now know, it is a city predominantly under sea level.  If you have been to New Orleans in the past, you will immediately notice that you literally have to look up to the river.  It is an eerie feeling.


After Katrina came ashore and breeched the levees, 80% of the city flooded.  Homes were destroyed, people were killed, and hundreds of thousands were displaced.  Mississippi was also devastated.  Gulfport took a direct hit from Katrina and hammered the entire coastal area. 


Many mistakes were made by local, state, and federal government in the days and weeks after the storm.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but we will focus on that at another time.  For now, we look at where New Orleans is today and whether it can ever get back to the way it was.


The video above is long, but it tries to show the level of destruction of the neighborhoods.  It is very sobering.  The people that have been to New Orleans in the last year cannot emphasize enough that photos do not nearly tell the story.  Mile after mile after mile has been obliterated and no amount of media coverage can demonstrate that.


The French Quarter and other tourist spots have recovered, but the bulk of the city is still in ruins. The Lower 9th Ward is virtually wiped off the map and it is not alone.  It has received the most national attention and rightfully so, but other parts of town are just as devastated.  From St. Bernard Parish to Gulfport to Lakeview, entire neighborhoods are gone.


The most telling statistic about the city is the population.  Before Katrina, the population of New Orleans was 480,000.  Now it is less than 200,000.  That is staggering.  There is simply nothing to come back to.  Federal money has just now started to go to the right places, but it may be too little, too late.  Residents have moved anywhere from Houston, Texas to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 


Ten years from now, we may be able to get a better assessment of the city, but not now.  One year later, the future is still very much unknown.


Saturday, August 26, 2006 - 12:30am

Violence Escalating in Darfur

For those of you who have not been following the crisis in Darfur the last few years, allow me to quickly get you up to speed.  Darfur is the western region of Sudan.  Sudan is a country located in Northeast Africa, just south of Egypt.  The Sudanese government is working in concert with the Janjaweed, an armed militia, to commit mass genocide in Darfur.  The Janjaweed's campaign focuses on wiping out all non-Arab villages in Darfur.  They regularly dismember and kill men, women, young children, and babies.

   An estimated 450,000 people have been killed since the conflict started in February 2003.  To put that number in perspective, it is more than double the estimated number of deaths in Iraq over the same time frame.  In May of 2006, a shaky peace agreement was reached that called for the disarmament of the Janjaweed and rebel forces.  However, violence has increased dramatically in the last month.  Hundreds of women have been raped in the last few weeks.  Also, the Sudanese government seems to be preparing for a large offensive.


The United Nations has been trying to get forces in the region for years, but the Sudanese government has not agreed to it.  The government is committing the atrocities, so it is no surprise that they would reject calls for UN forces.


You may ask what the United States is doing about the genocide in Darfur.  The short answer is nothing.  They have put a little pressure on Sudan to allow for 17,000 United Nations forces, but that's about it.  In 2005, two Republican Senators passed a bill that called on the U.S. to take a more active role in the Darfur conflict.  The bill was passed, but it has yet to be enforced in any meaningful way.


Unfortunately, since the media doesn't cover this war, politicians feel little pressure to take any action.  If ratings don't increase, the media will never cover a story.  They don't cover war protests because they are a ratings drain and they don't cover wars in Africa that don't involve American personnel.  If they finally decide to, ya know, report the news, perhaps the politicians would feel enough pressure to actually take some action.  If they don't, another 450,000 innocent people may die.


Friday, August 25, 2006 - 12:30am

75 Days Until the Mid-Term Elections

As much as Republicans are screwing things up, right now it looks like they may hang on to control of Congress.  If the elections were held today, it looks like the Democrats would pick up 4 or 5 seats in the Senate and pick up seats in the House, but not enough to take control of either.  Jim Talent (R) has regained the lead in Missouri, Harold Ford Jr. (D) is losing in Tennessee, and George Allen's lead is sliding, but he is still ahead.


Meanwhile, President Bush's approval rating has climbed back over 40%.  This is unbelievable.  People have such short memories.  I guess making up a story about terrorists trying to bomb airplanes will tend to shore up your support.  Yeah, it turns out that the story in the U.K. about terrorists blowing up ten planes coming into the United States was completely exaggerated.  Four of the people arrested have already been released and half of them haven't even been charged with anything.  Apparently, the U.S. government (a.k.a. Bush) pushed the U.K. government (a.k.a. Blair) to arrest these guys to make the U.S. look like they're winning the war on terror.


The Democrats really better get their act together if they expect to win anything in November.  Bush is somehow getting more popular and that will result in more support for Republican candidates.  In a generic poll of who the people prefer running Congress, the Democrats have held a double digit lead for months, but have seen that lead shrink to 9% and now to just 2%.


Most of this bump for the GOP is from how they handled this trumped-up terror plot.  So really all they have to do is come up with some cock and bull story about imminent terrorist attacks a week before the election and the public will rally behind the President.  A week after the election, we'll find out that the whole story was overblown and/or fabricated.  By then, it won't matter, because the crooks and liars will have maintained control of our government yet again.


Thursday, August 24, 2006 - 12:30am

Senator George Allen (R-VA) Losing Ground Rapidly to James Webb

A little more than a week ago, Senator George Allen made a racial slur toward an Indian-American that was caught on video.  His lead over Democrat James Webb was about 11% at the time.  Two polls have come out since and Allen's lead has shrunk considerably.  In a Rasmussen poll taken two days after Allen's macaca comment, his lead was down to 5%.  Another poll was conducted by Survey USA from 8/18 - 8/20 which shows the lead narrowing further to 3%.


 This is officially a competitive Senate race.  Analysts believe it is only temporary, but Allen's challenger is no slouch.  A spotlight on this race will only increase James Webb's profile and highlight George Allen's mistakes.  If the Democrats pour some money into Virginia, they may be able to take this seat.  At the moment, it seems they have a better shot at Virginia than they do with Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - 12:30am

With Military Depleted, Bush Forces Marines to Return to Duty

The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is a phrase you will get to know very well in the coming years.  For that is the name for American military forces who have returned to civilian lives, but can still be called back at any time.  See, there is an obscure rule when you sign up for the military that requires you to serve four years, but be available for up to eight.  That is the IRR.  It is used only in emergencies.


   That is the issue.  You don't tap into the IRR unless you absolutely have to.  Such is the case today.  President Bush approved of the involuntary Marine recall that will bring back 2.500 troops, but allow for many more.  The reason for this recall is a shortfall in the number of Marines that are needed.


Therein lies the problem.  I have no problem with the recall itself, but it exposes a glaring problem for the American forces.  They are stretched incredibly thin and are not able to fill all the positions they need. 


That fact should frighten all Americans.  The simple fact is that in times of war, less people volunteer to join the military.  Since we have been at war for nearly 3 1/2 years, that strain is beginning to show.  Less people are joining the armed forces and the military has had to expand the age requirements to make more people eligible and they've had to tap the IRR.


The longer the war goes on, the more stretched the military will become.  The eight year commitment that troops sign up for will expire and many will not re-up.  Many will continue to serve and we all must respect that, but it will not be enough.


The danger is not immediate, but if we do not get out of Iraq in the next few years, the days of the all-volunteer military will be over.  With such a large troop commitment in Iraq and elsewhere, the U.S. may be forced to re-institute a draft.  This will not happen tomorrow, but it will happen in the near future if things do not change.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006 - 12:00am

In Missouri, Incumbent Jim Talent Behind in Polls

The sixth competitive Senate seat takes us to Missouri and Republican Jim Talent.  Running against Talent is Claire McCaskill (D).  In a state that went to George Bush in 2000 and 2004, current polls show McCaskill with a slim, but stable lead.  Polls put her at a 47.0% - 43.7% lead.  She has led or tied in all polls since May, but never by more than six percent.  Senator Talent's largest lead was 5%, but that was back in February.


   The strategy from both camps seems to follow a familiar tone.  Claire McCaskill is trying to tie Jim Talent to George Bush, hoping that Bush's 38% approval rating will help sink her opponent.  For his part, Senator Talent is doing everything he can to distance himself from President Bush.


This Democratic plan to link any Republican candidate to George Bush seems to be working at the moment.  In moderate states, that strategy plays very well and in liberal states in the Northeast, it works extremely well.  Sentiment against the war in Iraq has reached an all-time high at 61% and President Bush's approval is tied directly to the war.  In Missouri, that figure is 54%; a bit lower than the national average, but still a majority.


That is what McCaskill and the Democratic Party are counting on.  It's an extremely flimsy strategy, but maybe sometimes the simplest strategy works the best.  Voters will only remember a few things about the candidates when they step in that booth.  If the left can convince the public that a vote for the Republican candidate is a vote for George Bush, they should win back Congress.  If they fail, the GOP will maintain control.


This race is too close to call at the moment.  Missouri is a moderate Republican state, which should favor Senator Talent, but it hasn't thus far.  However, McCaskill is under 50%, so that still leaves her vulnerable to defeat.  If she can get above 50% and hold it, I would be more confident in leaning left on this seat, but right now it is a toss-up.


Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 12:00am

Bush Strenuously Objects to Judge's Ruling

This is getting quite comical now.  Bush strongly disagreed with the court decision that ruled he broke the law by wiretapping without a warrant.  It's really absurd.  It reminds me of Demi Moore in A Few Good Men when she strenuously objected to the judge's decision.  She looked like a complete fool in that scene, so I figured it was appropriate.

   Again, it's really simple.  If you're going to wiretap, go get a warrant.  Go through the FISA court.  It is the law.  There is no way around it.  Perhaps the Bush administration is simply trying to play politics with this issue long enough to get them through the mid-term elections.  They have filed an appeal, so they haven't officially broken the law until their appeals are exhausted.  Of course, they break the law all the time, so what difference does it make.


Bush's approval rating is holding around 37%, but it is baffling that it is even that high.  What are these people thinking that actually approve of this guy.  We find out he broke the law and his backers still defend him.  I'm sure they think courts are just stacked with liberal judges and that he didn't really break the law.


Unfortunately, the courts have been moving more conservative for a number of years now.  Republican politicians have made it a goal to appoint many more conservatives to the bench in the district court system and have succeeded to a large extent.  They've even made the Supreme Court more conservative.  So the argument against the courts just doesn't hold water.


The fact is that this administration is more corrupt than Nixon's.  Although, some conservatives I talk to still think Nixon was a great President.  I guess they missed his quote stating that no matter what crimes you commit as President, it isn't breaking the law because you are the President.  Nice, huh?  Just want we want in a leader.  The sad part is that the current administration is 100 times worse than Nixon's, which is really hard to do.


Friday, August 18, 2006 - 12:30am

Court Rules Bush Administration's Wiretapping Violated Law

Tell me something I didn't know.  A U.S. district court ruled yesterday that the Bush Administration's five year long wiretapping program violated freedom of speech and violated against unreasonable searches as protected by the Constitution.  In the ruling, the judge said that "There are no hereditary kings in America..."  Telling, isn't it?  The Bush people will appeal the ruling and continue to wiretap without court approval, as has been their practice for the last five years.  They will not stop until they have delayed and exhausted every possible legal avenue.


   Their defense is, of course, the threat of terrorism.  It is the most laughable defense of all time.  Subverting the courts, trampling on the Fourth Amendment, and ignoring the Constitution is just fine with this administration.  The politics of terror have been used to death by this government, but the public buys it over and over again. 


The Democrats run on anger and the Republicans run on fear.  You must give up your rights to the government because their might be another terrorist attack!  It just doesn't make any sense.  The secret court approves 99% of all requests that are submitted.  They will give you a warrant to wiretap virtually anyone.  All they ask is that you come before them and ask for one.  They even let you ask for it 72 hours after the fact if it is an emergency.  This law exists so that you don't go wiretapping your political opponents or anyone else where there is no cause.  What this government did was decide that it didn't want to be bothered with the court.


The judge has spoken and another judge will issue the same ruling on the appeal.  Bush violated the law, pure and simple.  If you want to wiretap, you must get a warrant.  It's not a difficult concept and it has been followed by every President until this one.


Thursday, August 17, 2006 - 12:00am

Bloggers and Democratic Leadership Getting Behind James Webb

Marine Corps veteran James Webb (D) is running against Senator George Allen in Virginia.  Thanks to his perseverance and Allen's racial remark, the race is now competitive.  As such, even Bill Clinton has decided to come down and campaign for Webb.  Now Bubba is a lot of things, many of them not good, but he is a great campaigner.  With Bill Clinton helping out, you know the race is going to come down to the wire.


James Webb, who will face Harris Miller in the June 13 Democratic primary, said he will focus his campaign on national defense.So who is this challenger, James Webb?  After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1968, James Webb chose a commission in the Marine Corps.  He went to Marine Corps Officers Basic School at Quantico, Virginia and finished 1st in his class out of 243 men.  He went on to serve in Vietnam as a company commander.  Webb left the Marine Corps in 1972 and went on to law school at Georgetown University.  He received his J.D. in 1975.  Right after law school, he decided to represent a fellow Marine (pro-bono) who had been convicted of war crimes in Vietnam.  Webb was eventually able to clear his name.


If that weren't enough, Mr. Webb taught literature at the Naval Academy, wrote six best-selling novels, and became Secretary of the Navy in 1987 under President Ronald Reagan.


Damn, that is quite a bio!  Consider me a fan.  Remind me again why he is losing to George Allen?  This guy is an American hero who has not only served his country admirably, but has gone on to incredible success as a civilian.


People like James Webb are the ones that should be representing our interests in Washington.  James Webb wants to make a difference and help people, as he has throughout his life.  His opponent is only concerned about running for President in 2008.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - 12:00am

Meet Racist Virginia Senator George Allen

I know you will all be shocked to learn that another elitist, white, rich politician made a racial slur against a non-white, but it is true.  This time it is Virginia Senator George Allen (R), who called a 20-year old volunteer of his opponent's campaign a 'macaca', which is equivalent to calling the guy a monkey.  The volunteer was videotaping the Senator on the campaign trail in Virginia.  Senator Allen was gracious enough to direct his racial epitaph right into the camera.


   George Allen also said 'Welcome to America' to the guy, apparently because his skin was a little darker than the white folk he's been hanging around with.  This comment was even worse and more ignorant than the monkey remark.  I guess Senator Allen isn't aware that non-whites have been in this country a long time.  For the record, the 20-year old volunteer was born in Virginia.


It must be incomprehensible to George Allen that non-white people are American citizens.  Why else would he make a comment like that....on camera no less.  If Senator Allen is willing to make ridiculous comments like that in public in front of dozens of people, just think of what he'd say in private to his cronies.


To make matters worse, the apology that George Allen put out was weak and pathetic.  He claimed that he didn't even know what macaca meant.  That is unbelievable.  He used it in exactly the right context against someone it would and should offend.  I'd say he knows exactly what it means.


All this puts Senator Allen's seat in play.  As stated in the previous post, his lead over James Webb had already shrunk from 24% to 11% before his derogatory comments.  Expect this lead to get much tighter in the coming weeks.  The nation doesn't need another racist politician in Washington.  There are already more than enough.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - 12:00am

Democrats Now Lead in 5 of 6 Competitive Senate Races

For the Democrats to take control of the Senate, they need to win all six Senate races in the mid-term elections.  This feat seemed impossible a few months ago, but it is slowly getting a little more believable.  In Missouri, Montana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all the Democratic challengers have pulled ahead.  Unfortunately, even if they win all five of those races it will not be enough.  They also need Harold Ford Jr. (D) to win in Tennessee.


   Harold Ford Jr. is currently losing 49% - 37% against Bob Corker (R) in the latest poll.  That is a large difference to make up and not a lot of time to do it.  It would be hard for a Democrat to win in Tennessee, but not impossible.  Ford Jr. is actually very moderate as Democrats go, but his challenger is also a moderate for a Republican.


If Ford loses and the other five races go to the Democrats, the Senate will be 50-50 with Dr. Evil casting the tiebreaking vote.  You can take a wild guess as to who that wacko will vote with.


So even though it is looking good for the left to pick up five seats, it appears to be a long shot to win six.  The Democrats need another seat to somehow become in play or they need Ford to close the gap. 


Perhaps Senator George Allen's seat (R) in Virginia will become in play.  Senator Allen led James Webb by 24% in March of this year.  By July, his lead was down to 11%.  Now it has been discovered that the good Senator made some racist remarks to a dark-skinned Webb volunteer.  Comments like that could make that lead go bye-bye in a hurry.


Without control of the Senate, the thugs in the Bush administration will continue their politics of terror for another 2+ years.  We'll only have the voters to blame though.  They are the ones buying the complete BS of this regime.


Monday, August 14, 2006 - 12:30am

Lieberman Clings to 5% Lead in Three-Way Race

About six weeks ago, Senator Joe Lieberman announced that he would run as an independent candidate should he lose the Democratic primary.  At the time he announced this bid, he was well ahead in a three-way race.  A poll at the time put Lieberman at 44%, Ned Lamont at 29%, and Alan Schlesinger at 15%.  It was a no-brainer for Joe to want to run as a third party candidate.  He was 15% ahead of Ned Lamont.


   Today, those numbers are drastically different.  The latest Rasmussen poll puts Joe Lieberman at 46%, Ned Lamont at 41%, and Alan Schlesinger at 6%.  That is quite a difference in less than two months.  Throw in the fact that Joe Lieberman no longer has the financial and political backing of the Democratic party and it will be very difficult for him to pull off a victory, even with a slight lead in the polls.


Lieberman and the Republicans are also making ridiculous statements lately.  Since Lamont is against the Iraq war and Lieberman is for it, Joe and the GOP have labeled Lamont as part of the extreme left wing of the Democratic party.  Unfortunately for them, 86% of Democrats oppose the war in Iraq.  As Colbert tells us, 86% of anything is mainstream.


They have said that a vote for Lamont is emboldening terrorism.  That is absurd and completely over the line.  If anything, the terrorists want war-mongers in office in America.  The war in Iraq has helped their cause for years now.


I originally thought that Joe Lieberman would win a three-way race against Lamont and Schlesinger, but now I'm not so sure.  He may not have the money or the support from the people he needs.  The other Democrats in Connecticut will tell their people to put their support behind Lamont.  That might be just enough to put Lamont over the top...again.


If Lieberman stays in the race, it is going to be very close.  Ned Lamont looked like a rookie in the debate a couple months ago, but he now comes across as a seasoned veteran on the campaign trail.  Joe Lieberman continues to appear arrogant and disconnected with Connecticut voters.  He is ahead right now, but this could change rapidly.


Saturday, August 12, 2006 - 1:45am

In Ohio, Sherrod Brown Battles Mike DeWine

Six races are up for grabs in the Senate, one of which is for Senator of Ohio.  Mike DeWine (R) is the incumbent, but he is facing a tough challenge from Sherrod Brown (D).  Most of the reason DeWine is being challenged is because, well, he's a crook.  With strong ties to Jack Abramoff,  DeWine is neck deep in corruption.  In current polling by Rasmussen, Sherrod Brown has pulled ahead of Senator DeWine for the first time.  Brown is now leading 44% to 42%.


   DeWine continues to dig himself a hole in this political race.  In the video shown here, he attacks his opponent with a doctored image of the World Trade Centers.  If you pay close attention to the video, the wrong tower is on fire first and the smoke is not real.  The good Senator has changed the ad on his own site, but only after he was caught.  He's also admitted that some of the statements made in the commercial were not entirely accurate.


   As for Sherrod Brown, he responds to the attack ad here in this video.  That, I believe, is the only way to combat against attack ads in politics.  You must attack back and address the lies within each clip.  John Kerry failed miserably at that.  It applies to both sides of the aisle, as they are equally guilty of running false and misleading statements in their commercials.


In this race, however, it is amazing that Mike DeWine is even in it.  The man is as corrupt as they come.  Every time you turn around, someone he has a close relationship with is being indicted.  He's in bed with Jack Abramoff and he uses Swift-boat like ads to smear his opponent.


Throw the bums out is my mantra this year.  It started earlier this week with Joe Lieberman and Cynthia McKinney.  It should continue northward to Mike DeWine in Ohio.  The polls are trending toward Brown thus far, but it's still a long time between now and the election.  My prediction is that Sherrod Brown wins this seat, but does it by a very slim margin.  It strikes me as a 52-48 or 51-49 race.


Friday, August 11, 2006 - 12:00am

Another 9/11 Averted....This Time

I sat in horror today, watching the news reports of the terrorist plot to blow up ten planes over the Atlantic as they crossed from the Great Britain to the United States.  Fortunately, British intelligence was able to infiltrate the group and stop it from happening.  Twenty-four people were arrested as a result.  If not for the infiltration, these terrorists would've been able to walk right onto the planes with little trouble.  They were just days away from boarding planes for a test run to kill thousands of innocent civilians.


The more media coverage I watch, the more I believe that these terrorists are going to succeed eventually.  It pains me to say it, but if a group of people are determined to blow up airplanes and are willing to kill themselves, they are going to be successful at some point.  They were able to do it on 9/11 and they will be able to do it again.


In Israel, they constantly fight against airplane hijackings and other terrorist attempts to take over airplanes.  The government has been able to stop every attempt on their commercial airline system for decades.  That begs the question of how they are able to do it.  Part of the reason is that Israel is a much smaller country and it is easier to manage the size of the airline industry.  However, the main reason is that Israel knows exactly who is in their country and they know who is flying on their airplanes.


That is the major problem for the United States.  The government has virtually no control of the borders and therefore has no idea who is on their planes.  Terrorists could easily cross into the country from Mexico or Canada and bomb a domestic flight.  Security at the airports is nowhere near good enough to stop it.


The attempted British terrorist plot of today also shows us that it is very easy to take an airplane down.  These guys were going to make a bomb out of random liquids.  The liquids they were to use could easily be disguised as common household products and brought aboard a plane.  Only a small amount of explosives are needed to blow a hole in an airplane and destroy it.  At 39,000 feet, it doesn't take much.


The reality is that we will not be able to stop everything.  Our country is wide open and the airline industry is designed around convenience.  The United States has become the #1 target in the last few years and there is little we can do about that.  People want to kill us and I'm not confident that we can stop them.  I hope I'm wrong.


Thursday, August 10, 2006 - 12:00am

McKinney and Lieberman Refuse to Bow Out Gracefully

Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), the crazy woman who shoved a Capitol Hill police officer a few months ago, got buried in the primary last night, losing by 20%.  Rather than make a nice concession speech to her mature and intelligent opponent, McKinney blamed the media for her lunacy and crazy rants.  She only has herself to blame.  She is a complete embarrassment to the Democratic Party and to the United States.  Luckily, she has been fired.


   Not to be outdone, Joe Lieberman (D-CT) also gave a bizarre concession speech in which he vowed to fight on to the general election.  Joe refused to accept the results of his own party and is putting his personal ambition and arrogance over the party and over the State of Connecticut.  He came across as elitist, out of touch, and completely full of himself.


Now I'm all for giving voters more candidates to choose come election time, but Joe is such a phony.  He looked pathetic last night.  He does not care about Connecticut voters.  Joe Lieberman claims to be a good Democrat, but if he stays on the ballot, he puts the Democratic party at risk of losing seats across the state.  Why is this?  Well, if Joe runs in the general election, he will bring out a large number of Republicans to vote for him.  While they may vote for him, they will also vote for other Republicans in other Congressional races.


There are some seats in Connecticut that are vulnerable if a large number of Republicans come out to vote.  That is a major problem for the Democrats.  If Lieberman stays on the ballot, those Congressional seats will be harder to hold.  If the GOP takes even one seat, it could prevent the Democrats from taking the majority in the House.

The problem is that Cynthia McKinney and Joseph Lieberman think it is their right to be in Congress.  It isn't.  They have become power hungry monsters in their time in Washington.  They have lost touch with reality and that is why the people have voted against them.


Nobody likes to lose, but their lack of class and character showed last night.  Let's hope Joe comes to his senses and steps aside.  Let's also hope we never hear from Cynthia McKinney ever again.


Wednesday, August 9, 2006 - 12:15am

Ned Lamont Defeats Joe Lieberman!!!

Joe Lieberman (D):  48.2%

Ned Lamont (D):  51.8%

   98.4% reporting (736 of 748 precincts)

Ned Lamont has beaten Senator Joseph Lieberman, an 18-year incumbent Senator from Connecticut.  It was definitely closer than the polls suggested, but Lamont still won.  The voters have spoken.  They have told other Democratic politicians that they want change.

If you voted for the war three years ago and have not declared it the biggest mistake of your entire political career, you may also go down in November.  Consider yourself warned.


Tuesday, August 8, 2006 - 12:00am

Final Polls Show Ned Lamont With 8.7% Lead

I'm not one to believe just one poll, but RCP does a great job of averaging the most recent polls in Connecticut to project the Lieberman/Lamont race.  The average shows Lamont leading by 8.7% with 5.3% undecided. 

In most elections, undecided voters go overwhelmingly to the challenger, so if the ground games are equal, Lamont should win by about 12%.  If the Lieberman campaign has a better GOTV movement, it will be closer.

I will be blogging the results here as they come in, so stay tuned.


Monday, August 7, 2006 - 12:30am

Lieberman Set to Lose Primary in Connecticut

On Tuesday, voters in Connecticut go to the polls to elect either Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman as their Democratic candidate for the Senate.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle are watching this election very closely, as it will have an effect on rhetoric and politics for both the liberals and conservatives.  This election is important because it will serve as a referendum on the war in Iraq and on George Bush.

   Despite what pundits and journalists claim, the best thing that can happen to the Democratic Party is for Senator Joe Lieberman to lose his seat.  If Ned Lamont wins on Tuesday and again in November, it will change the way the Democratic party talks about the war in Iraq and will force them to stop running to the political middle.  Right now, the Democrats are directionless.  They have been scared to death to challenge this President on anything in the past six years.  Rather than take a stand, they fold to the GOP at every turn.

The Democrats have been so busy running to the middle in order to appeal to everybody, that they have forgotten what their values actually are.  When a true Democrat like Howard Dean speaks out, they leave him hanging in the wind by his lonesome.  It is really quite pathetic. 

When Bill Clinton was in office, Republicans came after him mercilessly, even when his approval rating was well over 60%.  The GOP rightfully believed that Clinton was scum and that he should be removed from office.

Democrats aren't that bright.  President Bush's approval rating has been in the 30's for months and yet they play nice.  They need to see which way the wind is blowing before they get up and fight. 

This primary will tell them without a doubt that they need to move further left.  They will need to fight George Bush and his handling of the war.  If they really want to take control of Congress at the mid-term elections, they must unite behind those two issues. 

The Democrats need to destroy George Bush.  Take the gloves off and attack him.  Be ruthless.  The majority of the country is begging for it.  This primary will show that.  Ned Lamont will win this primary by at least 10%.  Current polling puts him ahead by at least that amount and the momentum is in his direction.

Lieberman may win the seat in a three-way election come November, but Lamont will show the party on Tuesday what they need to do.


Friday, August 4, 2006 - 12:30pm

Fidel Castro Must Die

There's a new movie coming out called "John Tucker Must Die", but I thought it much more appropriate if Fidel Castro died instead.  Mike Lowell of the Boston Red Sox stated it much better than I could the other day, so I will use his words.

"I hope he dies.  Castro killed members of my family.  My dad had to pack up his suitcase at 10 years old with his three brothers, who had nothing.  And my mother was 11 years old and my grandfather, who'd been a dentist for 15 or 20 years, had to go back to school to be (politically) re-educated.  My cousins were political prisoners.  My father-in-law was a political prisoner for 15 years because, at 19, they asked him if he agreed with communism and he said 'No', so they sentenced him to death.  That's not the way to live. I know it's terrible to say, but I think of all of that and I hope he passes away."

   It is estimated that thousands of political prisoners have been executed by Fidel Castro, many coming within the first ten years of his rule.  Some mark the number as high as 50,000 executions.  Castro killed or imprisoned anyone who disagreed with him.  As a result, he has been able to rule the country for over 45 years, making him the longest ruling head of state in the world.

Fidel Castro had surgery a few days ago, but his condition was still uncertain as of this writing.  Many people, myself included, hope he doesn't make it.  In the Little Havana section of Miami, people were celebrating his potential death.  I will not celebrate just yet, but will definitely do so if he croaks.


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 - 12:00am

Can Anyone Break the 'Real' Single Season Home Run Record?

If politicians have been good for anything the last few years, it has been pushing Major League Baseball (MLB) into cleaning up their game from performance enhancing drugs.  The MLB Players Association resisted drug tests, but Senator McCain and others members of Congress forced them to institute testing.  Unfortunately, steroids helped three frauds surpass the clean home run record before testing could be implemented.

   Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961.  He is the real record holder for home runs in a single season.  Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa have been the only ones to pass that mark and all three of them are cheaters.  Bonds has admitted under oath that he took steroids, McGwire's steroid use has been documented in The New York Daily News, and there's more evidence against Sammy Sosa than there was against O.J.

As we come to the beginning of August, there are two men that seem most capable of approaching Maris' record.  David 'Big Papi' Ortiz hit his 36th and 37th home runs last night.  His 37th home run was a walk-off, 3-run bomb in the bottom of the ninth inning.  He wound up hitting 14 home runs in the month of July.  If he hits 12 home runs in both August and September, he will tie Roger Maris.  After watching what he did last night, anything is possible.

   The other phenom is Ryan Howard, a second year stud for the Philadelphia Phillies.  Howard got off to a slow start in April, but heated up in a hurry.  He hit his 35th home run on Sunday.  Since he won the Home Run Derby contest, Howard has hit 7 home runs in 16 games.  He would have to hit 13 home runs in both August and September to tie Maris, but this is a man who continues to improve.

Both of these guys are long shots to tie or break Maris' record, but at least we can be assured that neither one is taking steroids to get there.  Sure, MLB can't test for everything and there is always a way to beat the system, but this is about as clean as it gets.  I, for one, will be rooting for both men to break the record.


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