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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - 11:10pm

McCain Triumphs!!!

In the closed Republican primary in Florida, Senator John McCain has pulled out a clear victory over Mitt Romney.  Despite outspending McCain by millions, Romney fell short of the winner-take-all primary.  As a result, Senator McCain wins 57 delegates and moves into first place in the race.

Rudy Giuliani finished a distant third and has decided to drop out of the race.  On behalf of the American people, allow me to say "Thank God!"  All the former mayor of New York City did was exploit the tragedy of 9/11 in a pathetic attempt to win the presidency.  It was downright shameful.  Furthermore, Giuliani had a more screwed up personal life than Bill Clinton and was at least as arrogant if not more so.

Mitt Romney won another silver medal, but in Florida that means little.  However, Romney has more than enough money to compete in the 21 GOP states that vote on Super Tuesday.  In addition, John McCain and Mike Huckabee are running short on cash.  McCain will likely get a boost of financial support in the coming days, but it will not be enough to compete in every state.

John McCain is the frontrunner, but don't count out Mitt Romney.  The businessman will be able to get his message out in every single state with television ads.  Romney will win Utah handily and will likely win Massachusetts, the state he was Governor.  He should also do well in Colorado and elsewhere.  If Romney can finish in first or second place in every state and Mike Huckabee wins in the South, Romney could walk away with the most delegates.


Saturday, January 26, 2008 - 8:10pm

Obama Destroys Hillary in South Carolina!!!

Senator Barack Obama cruised to victory tonight in South Carolina, crushing Hillary Clinton by a wide margin.  With 67% of the precincts reporting thus far, Obama received 54% of the vote, Clinton had 27%, and John Edwards finished third with 19%.  The race-baiting game played by the Clinton's has apparently backfired, as Hillary wasn't even competitive in the state.

 The story coming out of South Carolina is the resurgence of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she spent an enormous amount of time and money in the state.  As recently as mid-December, Hillary Clinton actually held a lead in South Carolina polls.  In fact, she led virtually every poll in South Carolina up until that time.

The Clintonistas were attempting to turn the Democratic elections into a story about race, but Obama was able to hold his own with white voters.  Hillary was not able to keep pace among black voters, as her support eroded quickly with her latest dirty tactic.

It remains to be seen how much of a bump Barack Obama will receive going into Super Tuesday on February 5th.  However, he will need to continue surging as Hillary holds a significant lead in New York, New Jersey, and California.


Monday, January 21, 2008 - 11:25am

Is John Edwards the Ralph Nader of 2008?

In 2000, Vice President Al Gore lost the presidency in part because many liberals voted for Ralph Nader, an activist who had no chance of winning.  Ralph Nader received 2.74% of the total vote, most of which would've gone to Al Gore, the Democratic candidate.  At the time, Nader refused to bow out, stating that he saw no difference between George Bush and Al Gore.  After watching George Bush become President and destroy the country, Nader may feel a little different now.

Today, we are seeing the same scenario playing out with John Edwards.  Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate, while Edwards and Obama represent change.  Edwards clearly has no chance of winning the nomination, as he placed a distant third place in New Hampshire and Nevada and is polling significantly behind the two frontrunners everywhere else.  He also has very little money, which makes him irrelevant at this stage.

With Hillary as the establishment candidate, voters wanting change are forced to choose between John Edwards and Barack Obama.  The effect is that Hillary wins.  Hillary has now regained her status as frontrunner and is well positioned to bury Obama on Super Tuesday if Edwards is still in the race.

The bottom line is that John Edwards needs to drop out of the race!  It is the only way to stop the corrupt Hillary Clinton from becoming President.  He doesn't have to endorse any candidate, as voters will go to Obama anyway.  Edwards needs to drop out before Super Tuesday.  If he doesn't, Hillary will go on to win.

We have already seen what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like.  She has been smearing Barack Obama for months.  Hillary instructed surrogates to send chain emails claiming that Obama is a Muslim out to destroy the United States and that he belongs to an all-black church.  Neither is true.

If John Edwards doesn't drop out, Barack Obama doesn't have much of a chance.  If Edwards goes away, Obama will be the only candidate left representing real change.


Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 9:25pm

Hillary Fails in Attempt to Suppress Nevada Votes

Voters in Nevada go to the polls on Saturday, but not before Hillary Clinton's camp tried to stop them from doing so.  After the Culinary Workers Union endorsed Barack Obama, the Clintonistas decided to attempt to block those workers from voting.  Luckily, a court stopped Bill and Hillary from disenfranchising hundreds of caucus goers.

These underhanded and dirty tactics are reminiscent of George W. Bush and his neocon cronies.  Suppressing voter turnout is something dictatorships do, not countries that supposedly support freedom and democracy.  If anything, we should be focused on ways to increase voter turnout, not limit it.

Unfortunately, the Clinton's are feeling extremely threatened by Barack Obama and they don't like to lose.  The Illinois Senator has already won in Iowa, came within a hair of victory in New Hampshire, and is ahead in recent Nevada polls.

As if that weren't enough, Hillary is instructing her surrogates to bash Barack Obama on his drug use as a young man.  There have now been at least three Hillary thugs slandering Senator Obama in recent weeks.  This is another tactic George Bush employed while campaigning back in 2000.  Bush used his surrogates in South Carolina to spread lies about John McCain because McCain threatened his run for the presidency.  Now Hillary is doing the same thing.

This is one of the many reasons Hillary Clinton is hated by me and by millions of others.  She is not an honest person and cannot be trusted.  She would sell her mother for two bits if she thought it would help her become President.  Hillary is no different from George Bush.  They are both pure evil.


Sunday, January 13, 2008 - 11:55pm

With Wonderbread Elections Over, Competition Begins

Iowa and New Hampshire, states that are more the 95% white, are done having their say about who should be the next president.  Now, the other forty-eight states get to speak.  Next up are Michigan and Nevada, states that are far more diverse than their predecessors.  In Michigan, the Republicans hold their primary on Tuesday, while the Democrats battle in Nevada on January 19th.

The fight for Michigan is between Mitt Romney and John McCain with Mike Huckabee nipping at their heels.  The mainstream media will paint this as do-or-die for Romney, despite the fact that he already has more delegates than any other candidate.  If Romney finishes second, they say, he'll have to bow out of the race.  This argument is patently absurd, but it makes for great ratings so the media runs with it.  The story in New Hampshire was that if John McCain won, the media would proclaim him the frontrunner, but if he lost they said he'd have to withdraw.  Again, it is a ridiculous statement by an irresponsible press corps..

No matter what happens in Michigan, the fact is that all the Republican candidates except Mitt Romney are either scraping for money or have no chance of winning.  Sure, Romney's father was the Governor of Michigan, but Mitt does not need to win this state to stay in the race.  Giuliani and Thompson are broke, Ron Paul is destined for no more than 15%, and McCain and Huckabee are divisive figures who also have little in the bank.  Michigan could propel Romney back to frontrunner status, but even a 'silver' keeps him in the contest.

The Democrats have to wait until Saturday for the next Obama-Hillary clash.  Hillary had the momentum after NH, but with perceived gaffes by both her and her husband, the sentiment is shifting back to Obama.  There is no recent polling in the state, so it is difficult to gauge who should win.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008 - 11:00pm

New Hampshire Selects Socialism!

Pinko, commie, socialist Hillary Clinton has narrowly defeated Barack Obama in New Hampshire.  The voters in the Granite State chose corruption over integrity.  They chose the status quo over change.  They chose a phony over an honest man.


Oh yeah, they also voted for John McCain, a man who literally wants to keep American troops in Iraq for the next 100 years.


Good job New Hampshire!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008 - 7:00pm

Huge Turnout in New Hampshire!

With polls closing at 8:00pm, expectations are that Barack Obama will win for the Democrats and John McCain will win for the Republicans.  Thus far, turnout is enormous.


The undercard for the Republicans is the race for third place.  Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Rudy Giuliani are all in a close battle.  The man significantly behind those three is Fred Thompson.  Once considered a frontrunner, Thompson is expected to finish a distant sixth.


For the Democrats, the question is how far Hillary will fall.  With a monster turnout of independents, it is conceivable that John Edwards could close the gap for second place.  Edwards is polling a solid 10-12% behind Hillary, but if he moves to within 5% of her, it would be a moral victory for him.  If Edwards somehow beats Hillary, it would be devastating to her campaign.


Sunday, January 6, 2008 - 7:30pm

Fox News Excludes Ron Paul from Debate

Despite polling more than three times higher than Fred Thompson in New Hampshire and soundly defeating Rudy Giuliani in Iowa, Congressman Ron Paul has been excluded from tonight's Fox News debate.  The New Hampshire Republican Party withdrew their sponsorship of the debate as a result of Fox's censorship.


Fox News gave no rationale as to why they excluded Dr. Paul, but it seems clear that the network executives do not care for his position on the Iraq war.  Fox also excluded Ron Paul from the results in the Iowa straw poll in the picture here.  Dr. Paul came in fourth place with 9.1% of the vote, but Fox didn't even list him.


What's frightening is that a major television network can willfully exclude a presidential candidate because they don't agree with his views.  Apparently, freedom and democracy do not exist on Fox News.


For his part, Dr. Paul decided to hold a town hall meeting in New Hampshire at the same time as the debate.  Paul also challenged Fox News on the notion that they are conservative at all.  The network is simply a propagandist for war, according to the Congressman.  It's hard to argue against him there.


This is further proof that Fox News is a complete JOKE.  Why people watch this garbage is beyond me.  They'd be better off living in a communist country to watch state-run television.


Hopefully, the voters of New Hampshire will see past this censorship from Fox and throw their support behind the good Congressman from Texas.


Saturday, January 5, 2008 - 4:47pm

Mitt Romney Wins Wyoming

Most people don't know this, but the State of Wyoming actually held their Republican caucus today.  Unfortunately, Republican voters were NOT allowed to participate.  The only people taking part in this bogus caucus were Republican party officials and delegates that were appointed.


This undemocratic process resulted in only 980 people getting a vote.  Not surprisingly, the officials selected candidates that are "acceptable" to the Republican establishment.  Neither Ron Paul nor Mike Huckabee won any counties.


No wonder the mainstream media didn't cover this caucus.


Thursday, January 3, 2008 - 11:30pm

Obama, Huckabee Win in Iowa!

The results are in and Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are the winners.  My predictions of an Edwards, Romney victory were way off the mark.  As it turned out, Obama and Huckabee won quite comfortably.  Senator Obama defeated John Edwards by 8% and Governor Huckabee beat Mitt Romney by 9%.


The big story coming out of Iowa is clearly Barack Obama.  In a state that is more than 95% white, a minority candidate has won the presidential caucus.  That is unprecedented.  This race was supposed to be close, but Barack won going away.


The great part about these results are that Hillary Clinton came in third place!  That is a huge setback for the presumptive nominee.  The evil spawn of the devil thought she would beat Obama and Edwards, but she didn't even clear 30% of the vote.


Republican Mike Huckabee made a number of mistakes in the home stretch, but that didn't stop the bible-thumping, evangelicals from coming out to vote for him.  His religious zealotry message will not play in New Hampshire come next week, but it could work in South Carolina on January 15th.  Let us "pray" that his message of intolerance stops in SC.


I was hoping for a third place finish for Congressman Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who would bring our troops home from Iraq immediately.  However, it looks like Dr. Paul will finish in fifth place with 10% of the vote.  The good news is that Ron Paul broke double-digits and he beat Rudy Giuliani, the national frontrunner.  His standing may improve in New Hampshire, a state with more independent thinkers.


The question now is how much of a bump Obama will receive going into New Hampshire.  Senator Clinton is currently ahead by 7% in the Granite State, but that lead could very well disappear overnight.  If Hillary can't win any of the early states, her candidacy is doomed.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008 - 7:35pm

Prediction Time

The Iowa caucus is less than 24 hours away and both races are too close to call, but we're going to call them anyway.  Hillary Clinton has been the Democratic frontrunner for months, but is now in a virtual tie with Barack Obama and John Edwards.  Mitt Romney has spent millions of dollars in the state, but is tied with Mike Huckabee, a relative unknown a few months ago.


Even though Iowa is toss-up, here are my predictions for the Republicans tomorrow night.

1st Place - Mitt Romney

2nd Place - Mike Huckabee

3rd Place - Ron Paul

4th Place - John McCain

5th Place -  Fred Thompson

Even though Huckabee is tied with Romney, it is Romney who boasts a better ground game in getting out the vote.  Also, Huckabee has slid after making a handful of small political mistakes.


The race for third place is also intriguing, as McCain, Thompson, Paul, and Giuliani are all within seven percent of each other.  Ron Paul is tied for fifth in the RCP average, but with only 90,000 people expected to vote in the Republican caucus, Dr. Paul needs only about 15,000 votes to take a commanding third place position.  It should be noted that Ron Paul received 9% in the Iowa straw poll in August even though he was polling at less than 1% at the time.  Today, he polls at 7.5% in Iowa.  I believe Ron Paul will take third place with room to spare.


The Democratic winner could be any of the top three, but here are my predictions.

1st Place - John Edwards

2nd Place - Barack Obama

3rd Place - Hillary Clinton

4th Place - Joe Biden

If this were a primary I'd say Hillary would win, but this is a caucus.  In the Iowa caucus, a voter's second choice matters and it is John Edwards who has a comfortable lead in that area.  Edwards has lagged behind in the polls for months, but has surged in the last two weeks to within a few percent of Obama and Clinton.  His organizational strength and his lead as the second choice will propel him to the top.


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