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Thursday, March 27, 2008 - 7:05pm

Fighting Escalates in Iraq

The biggest myth put forth by the media and Republicans is the so-called "troop surge" in Iraq.  First of all, there was no surge.  The level of troops in Iraq is no different than at many different points over the course of the five year Iraq war.  Secondly, the surge did not reduce violence in Iraq.  Violence has been reduced because of a ceasefire established with Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mehdi Army.

The radical al-Sadr agreed to a six-month ceasefire in late August, 2007.  The violence quickly abated, but the media only focused on the troop surge.  The ceasefire was set to expire on February 23, 2008, but Moqtada al-Sadr agreed to extend the ceasefire for another six months.  Unfortunately, his men want to fight and they are not too thrilled about extending the ceasefire. 

The Mehdi Army does not want to lose control of the streets to Iraqi police, which is controlled by the government.  There are already reports of the two clashing.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many new reports of violence in many parts of the country, including the Green Zone.

Moqtada al-Sadr may only now be realizing that the ceasefire he agreed to has given more power and control to the government.  It has allowed the government time to get their act together.  Unfortunately, the government has not made enough strides in the past seven months to quell his army.

The next few months are crucial to any long-term stability in Iraq.  If the violence continues to escalate back to previous levels, there may be no end in sight.  Since the current U.S. troop level is unsustainable, they will be even less likely to influence the outcome.


Monday, March 24, 2008 - 8:05pm

Hillary's 1996 Trip to Bosnia

I  know this isn't surprising, but Hillary Clinton has been caught in another bold-faced lie.  In recounting her 1996 trip to Bosnia, Clinton stated that her plane landed "under sniper fire", that the delegation was told to "run to our cars" and that there was not a "greeting ceremony".

 Well, it turns out that Hillary lied about the entire episode.  Her campaign is now stating that Hillary "misspoke", which is a Clinton-ism for "I lied".  In fact, since she was the First Lady at the time, there is video of her trip.  She walked off the plane smiling and waving to Bosnian children waiting for her.

In the world of YouTube, we bring you footage of Clinton's actual trip to Bosnia.  Then watch her try to squirm out of her lie when questioned by a reporter.  Now you Clinton supporters who actually think she "misspoke" on this incident, please bear in mind that she's been lying about this Bosnia trip for years!!! 

Do we really want this utjob as President of the United States.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - 10:43pm

Iraq, Five Years Later

It was five years ago today that George Bush decided to invade the Nation of Iraq and overthrow the government.  Five years later, Iraq has devolved into a dangerous, chaotic country with almost no security.  Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and millions more have become refugees.

People will argue about whether Iraq is getting safer, but the bottom line is this: The United States has absolutely no right to be there!

Iraq has no nuclear weapons, no chemical weapons, and they pose no threat to the safety and sovereignty of the United States.  They never did. 

We need to bring our soldiers home and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.


Monday, March 17, 2008 - 9:25pm

Let the Bailouts Begin!!!

It's good to see the federal government spending our hard-earned tax dollars wisely.  In what can only be described as blind stupidity, the Federal Reserve decided to bail-out Bear Stearns (BSC) yesterday to the tune of $30 billion.  That's right, our federal government has officially begun bailing out financial companies for their incompetence.

It all started when Bear Stearns decided to underwrite mortgage-backed securities (MBS).  What is an MBS, you might ask?  These are instruments that represent ownership in pool of mortgages.  Banks typically sell your mortgage and everybody else's to an investment firm who then group them together to create a security.  Think of it as a mutual fund, but with loans in the portfolio instead of stocks.

Well, those geniuses over at Bear Stearns decided not only to underwrite a bunch of mortgage-backed securities, but they did it at 30 times leverage.  They only put up about 3% in actual money to cover tens of billions of dollars of assets.  That is equivalent to buying a $100 stock, but investing only $3 of your own money.

Guess what happens if that $100 stock goes to $95?  You go bankrupt!  Unless of course the federal government is gullible enough to cover you.  In this case, the Fed gave the money to JP Morgan, who then agreed to buy Bear Stearns.  Bear would've filed for bankruptcy on Sunday night if not for this government bailout.

The Fed needs to let most of these financial institutions go under.  They need to let the free market economy figure out the mortgage mess.  This would serve two purposes.  It would kill off the firms that acted improperly and more importantly, it would stop the government from spending our money.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008 - 11:25pm

Keith Olbermann Rips Hillary

In a special comment at the end of the Countdown broadcast tonight, host Keith Olbermann ripped Senator Hillary Clinton for her pathetic response to Geraldine Ferraro's racist rant and her overall conduct in this campaign.

 The wrath of Keith Olbermann is typically focused on the corrupt Bush administration.  He hosts one of the most liberal shows on television after all.  However, he felt compelled to call out Hillary Clinton and her advisors.  Olbermann pretty much tore her to shreds for using fear and racial tensions to further divide the nation. 

To crucify Hillary Clinton on a liberal broadcast is very telling.  It marks a low point for the junior Senator from New York.

I once again call on her to withdraw from the race before she does any more damage to the party and, more importantly, the country.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - 8:25pm

Obama Wins Mississippi!!!

MSNBC has called the race for Senator Barack Obama.  Exit polls show Obama beating the Monster by a score of 59-41%.  Time for her to withdraw.  She can take the bitter, racist Geraldine Ferraro with her.


Saturday, March 8, 2008 - 3:25pm

Obama Wins Wyoming!!!

Despite visits by Chelsea, Bill, and Hillary, the winner in the State of Wyoming is Senator Barack Obama.  With 78% of the precincts reporting, Obama is dominating 59-40%

Senator Obama has now won 13 of the last 16 elections!  He will likely net two delegates from Wyoming, which will further strengthen his enormous lead.

Next up:  Mississippi


Saturday, March 8, 2008 - 9:43am

Media Bashing Obama to Prolong Race

It is no secret that the mainstream media's ratings have gone through the roof as a result of the Democratic race between Senator Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Even though Barack Obama has effectively won, the media refuses to admit it.  They are even going so far as to criticize Obama at every turn in order to allow Hillary Clinton to perform well in the upcoming states.

Look no further than the delegate math.  When it became clear that Mike Huckabee could not catch John McCain in delegates, the media took all their 'A' list journalists off Huckabee and asked him every day when he would drop out.  At the time, Huckabee still could've prevented McCain from reaching the delegate number he needed, but Huckabee could not pass him.

The same situation is now true for Clinton.  She cannot catch Obama in pledged delegates.  She can only prevent him from reaching the clinching figure.  So is the media taking off their top journalists and asking her when she'll drop out?!?  Absolutely not!!!  In fact, they are helping her try to close the gap.  They even refuse to vet Hillary's scandal-ridden past.

The media is begging for this to go to a brokered convention.  What better way to boost ratings.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008 - 11:09pm

Clinton Nets Only 11 Delegates

Despite all the hype from the braindead mainstream media, Hillary Clinton only gained 11 delegates on Senator Obama.  She netted 9 delegates in Ohio, 4 in Rhode Island, and just 1 in Texas.  She lost 3 in Vermont.

Like I said before, she can't win.  Barack Obama's lead in pledged delegates is still 144, an insurmountable figure.  With Wyoming and Mississippi coming up, he'll likely bump his delegate lead back up toward 155.  That would also give him wins in 14 of the last 17 contests.  That doesn't even include his unofficial win in the Texas caucus.

There is no need to wait seven weeks for Pennsylvania.  Please inform the media.  They seem more concerned with boosting ratings by dragging this out.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008 - 11:59pm

Texas Caucus Undetermined

I couldn't watch Hillary's speech.  It would make me sick to my stomach.  I'm still shocked by how many stupid people live in this country.  I shouldn't be surprised though...after all, George Bush is president.

Currently, Clinton's lead in Ohio is 56-42, with 77% reporting.  Obama is narrowing the gap, which will limit the delegate tally for Clinton.  Her lead in the Texas primary is 50-48 with 56% reporting. 

There is still no information on the caucus, but you can be sure that Barack Obama won and that Hillary Clinton will find a lawyer to say that he didn't.

Too Little, Too Late - 11:00pm

Hillary Clinton looks like she's having a very good night.  The problem is that it's too late.  She reminds me of the football team that is losing by three touchdowns in the 4th quarter, but they score a garbage touchdown at the end of the game and claim victory.  Hello, It's already over!

Two hours after Texas closed their polls, the primary is too close to call.  Clinton is currently ahead (50-48, 33% reporting), but this is a win for Obama since it is so close.  Senator Clinton had to win Texas by double-digits and it is clear that she will not. 

Clinton has won Ohio (58-40, 56% reporting) comfortably, but not by enough to peel off enough delegates.

Please see the delegate calculator at Slate to see why she can't win.


Hillary Wins RI...Complains about Texas Caucus - 10:20pm

What do we expect from a state that continues to elect Patrick Kennedy to Congress?  Hillary remains ahead in Ohio (57-41, 36% reporting).  The cities of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati have yet to report.  Obama remains ahead in Texas (50-49, 17% reporting).

Hillary is already complaining about the Texas caucus.  She will probably lose, so expect her to contest these delegates. (more proof she is a sore loser)

Also, if John McCain says "my friends" one more time, I'm gonna throw up.

Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio too Close to Call - 9:20pm

John McCain has officially won the GOP nomination. 

Barack Obama has the early lead in Texas (54-45, 2% reporting).  Clinton has the lead in Ohio (60-38, 6% reporting).  Clinton also has the lead in Rhode Island (53-46, 8% reporting).

Ohio too Close to Call - 7:30pm

Sandusky County has extended voting until 9pm.  CNN Exit polls of Ohio show Hillary with a small lead of 51-48.  It could prove to be a long night.

Barack Obama, John McCain Win Vermont!!! - 7:00pm

One down, three to go...

Early Exit Polls - 6:30pm

Two early exit polls are out.  Taking averages: Ohio is tied, Hillary is up by 1% in Texas and by 0.5% in Rhode Island.  Vermont is 2-1 for Obama.

Hillary's Last Stand - 5:30pm

Is the witch dead yet?  Polls in TX and OH moved late in her direction, but not by enough.  Stay tuned....the end of the Clintonistas is near!!!


Saturday, March 1, 2008 - 11:30pm

Why Obama Has Already Won

The Hillary Clinton campaign is very bad at math.  Barack Obama has a nearly insurmountable lead of 155 pledged delegates.  With only sixteen states and territories left to vote, Hillary Clinton would have to win every state by an average of 14% just to catch up to Obama's total.  Currently, she is ahead by 14% in zero of the sixteen contests.  In fact, Obama is projected to win many of them outright.

The political pundits keep stating that Hillary needs to win Ohio and Texas to stay in the race, but they miss the larger story.  Clinton has to win both states by an enormous amount just to dent Obama's lead in pledged delegates.  If she wins by small margins, Obama's delegate lead will remain about the same.

Let's paint a best-case scenario for Hillary Clinton.  We'll be extremely generous and put her down as winning Ohio by 10%, Texas by 4%, and Rhode Island by 15%.  In Ohio, she'd net about 14 delegates.  In Texas, which has a bizarre delegate allocation system, she'd be lucky to gain 10 delegates, even with a popular vote win.  Obama will win Vermont handily, which would cancel out all but one delegate Hillary would pick up in Rhody.

Even in this scenario, Hillary Clinton would gain only 25 pledged delegates on Barack Obama.  This would only cut his lead down to 130.  The next elections are Wyoming on March 8th and Mississippi on March 11th.  Obama is projected to win each of them comfortably.  He'd likely pick up 10 delegates, which would push his lead back to 140.  After Mississippi, there are only ten contests left (including Guam and Puerto Rico).  Most of them favor Obama.

Hillary cannot beat Obama in pledged delegates.  Her only hope is to convince superdelegates to go against the wishes of voters and push her numbers ahead.  That would divide the Democratic party and lead to a brokered convention.  She would destroy the party.

Hillary Clinton needs to withdraw immediately.  She has been smearing Obama continuously since the Potomac primaries and has disgracing herself further.  Her only option is to pack up and go home.


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