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Thursday, May 29, 2008 - 7:45pm

Dunkin' Donuts Caves to Racist Blogger

Michelle Malkin, a nutjob conservative blogger had nothing better to do this week, so she started a ridiculous rant against Dunkin' Donuts for a scarf they had Rachel Ray wear in their commercial. The black and white scarf worn by Ray was considered offensive to Malkin, who claimed that the scarf looked like a kaffiyeh, an Arab headdress. The clueless conservative blogger stated that the kaffiyeh was "the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad".

I almost don't know where to start with this lunatic Malkin. First of all, it really is just a scarf. She can rant all she wants about what the scarf looks like, but it is just a scarf. Second, even if Rachel Ray wore the kaffiyeh, it is just a headdress. To associate a piece of clothing with terrorists is completely ignorant and pathetic. It only speaks to Michelle Malkin's stupidity and her prejudice against the Arab culture. Apparently, she believes that all Arabs are terrorists.

Sadly, Dunkin' Donuts pulled the ad under pressure from Malkin and other conservative racist bloggers.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - 10:30pm

What to Say About Ted Kennedy

Forgive me, but when I heard about Senator Edward Kennedy's malignant brain tumor, all I could think about was that he has already lived nearly 40 years longer than the girl he killed on Chappaquiddick Island.  Mary Jo Kopechne died at a very young age on July 19, 1969.  She didn't get the chance to live a long life because Ted Kennedy deprived her of that right.

In the days and weeks to come, people will say great and compassionate things about this man's life.  However, please remember that he was never great or compassionate.  He was just a politician with a great last name.  Nothing more.


Friday, May 16, 2008 - 11:00pm

The Vice Presidential Sweepstakes

The media has been pushing hard for Hillary to be Obama's choice for VP, but it is never going to happen.  For one thing, she is the complete antithesis of what Barack Obama stands for.  He is all about changing the ways of Washington and she is the old guard.  She would not help him carry any swing states and she would embolden Republicans to come out and vote against her.

There are a number of people Senator Obama can select that would be a much better fit for his skill set and could help him win key states.  He should avoid any Senators and Governors serving in their first term.  I have listed the potential selections based on who would complement him the best.

1.  General Anthony Zinni - Retired four-star general in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was the former Commander in Chief of U.S. Central Command.  General Zinni was opposed to the Iraq War from the start and publicly criticized George Bush's decision to invade.  Senator Obama needs someone with experience and Tony Zinni definitely qualifies.  His military background offsets anything John McCain brings to the table in that regard.  He is also from Pennsylvania, which could help Obama carry that state.

2.  Governor Kathleen Sebelius - Very popular second-term Governor of Kansas.  At 60 years old, she would bring Obama both experience and the white female voters that may have been lost in the battle for the Democratic nomination.  Although Kansas is small and typically red, Sebelius could push it into Obama's column.

3.  Governor Bill Richardson - Current Governor of New Mexico with extensive experience in foreign policy.  His diplomatic skills are unparalleled as he has helped negotiate the release of prisoners in three different countries.  Governor Richardson is also Hispanic, which would help Barack Obama tremendously with that demographic.

4.  Sam Nunn - Served as the Senator of Georgia for 24 years.  He is currently the CEO of Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), an organization created to reduce nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the world.  Nunn was considered a conservative Democrat while in office and could help swing Georgia to Obama.  Nunn would be 70 years old at the time of the election, but is still two years younger than John McCain.

Other possible veeps for Obama include Joe Biden (D-DE), Brian Schweitzer (D-MT), Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Tim Roemer, and Al Gore.  Right now, my money is on General Zinni, especially considering his public opposition to the Iraq War from the beginning.

Who do you think Obama will choose???


Sunday, May 11, 2008 - 9:00pm

Let Her Stay in the Race

The people that voted for Barack Obama, us non-hard working Americans, have figured out a long time ago that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are evil monsters.  Unfortunately, the individuals that did vote for her have been under the false impression that Senator Clinton is a good, honest, and decent human being.  Slowly, they are beginning to see the light.

 Every day that Hillary Clinton stays in this race, she shows her true colors.  It's taken the events of the past few days for her most ardent supporters to see that she is intent on destroying the Democratic party in order to rise to power.  Recently, she claimed that the poor, white folk that voted for her would not vote for Senator Obama in the general election.

Amy Poehler shows the real Hillary Clinton in classic fashion on Saturday Night Live.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  In fact, Hillary is counting on her racist supporters in the upcoming primary in West Virginia.  In a state that still votes for a former member of the KKK into the U.S. Senate, Hillary's betting she can win there comfortably.  Of course, this won't change the election, but she'll claim that it does.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - 11:30pm

Game, Set, and Match!!!

Put a fork in HRC.  She is done!  Senator Barack Obama routed the Clinton's in North Carolina by 14%.  Senator Obama outperformed expectations, but more importantly, he will pick up a net of seventeen delegates in the state.  He will also win by a margin of nearly 230,000 votes, thus negating the margin of victory Hillary received in Pennsylvania.

The primary in Indiana has yet to be decided, but it is much closer than expected.  Hillary was hoping for a large victory in the state, but it appears she'll be lucky to win at all.  At best, she will net only 2 delegates out of Indiana.

This race is over!  Even the mathematically challenged folk have to concede that Barack Obama is the winner.

Expect a massive wave of superdelegates to move to Barack Obama over the next few days.  He will reach the magic number of 2,025 in short order.

Despite the obvious, Hillary Clinton stated tonight that she will not drop out of the race.  I suppose she wants to go out on a positive note by winning West Virginia and Kentucky, but the supers do not want this race to continue for two more weeks.


Monday, May 5, 2008 - 10:30pm

The End is Near

Win North Carolina by more than you lose Indiana and this race will come to a close.  That is what Barack Obama likely has to do for a mass wave of super delegates to declare support for him.  If we are to believe the polls, he will win North Carolina by 7% and lose Indiana by 6%.  That should be enough for the supers to end this charade.

To put Hillary 'Eight Belles' Clinton out of her misery, Senator Obama needs to reach 2,025 total delegates.  He currently has 1,747.  He should pick up about 95 more delegates tomorrow night out of the 187 at stake.  That would put him at 1,842, only 183 delegates shy of officially becoming the Democratic nominee.  There are 268 undeclared supers, so if Obama gets 2/3 of them, we can put Clinton down once and for all.

That superdelegate figure may sound large, but Senator Obama has been receiving the vast majority of them since Super Tuesday.  All he has to do is get them to declare, which should be easier to do after tomorrow.   The Democratic leadership wants this to be over as much as anyone.  If Obama does win NC comfortably, the pressure on the supers to pick a side will be immense.


Saturday, May 3, 2008 - 7:30pm

Obama Wins Guam!

Senator Barack Obama won the caucus in the U.S. territory of Guam.  With 100% of the precincts reporting, the Illinois candidate for President finished with 2,264 votes.  Clinton had 2,257 votes. 

The pledged delegates will likely split 2-2, but there are four undeclared superdelegates who have waited to cast their vote for either candidate.  The Obama victory could move them in his direction.

Even though Guam is small, the math just got even harder for the corrupt, knee-capping, pandering shrew from New York.


Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 11:48pm

Five Years After 'Mission Accomplished'

It's hard to believe it has been five years since the Worst President Ever flew to an aircraft carrier in the Pacific and declared victory in the war in Iraq.  A total of 3,924 American soldiers have died since the President stated that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended."  Tens of thousands more have been seriously injured.  In addition, thousands upon thousands of Iraqi citizens have also lost their lives.

In typical political fashion, the President later said that the 'Mission Accomplished' banner did not actually mean victory in Iraq, but rather victory by the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln for completing their ten month assignment.  Isn't it a shame the media allows blatant lies to go unchallenged?

Contrary to the banner, the mission in Iraq has been a complete disaster.  There is no end in sight, especially if John McCain becomes president.  McCain would continue the non-existent Bush strategy in Iraq and five years will quickly grow to ten.

This President did accomplish one thing on this anniversary of mission accomplished.  He set the modern record for the highest disapproval rating ever recorded for a U.S. President.  A full 71% of the American public disapproves of this monster.  No president, not even Richard Nixon, had a disapproval percentage above 70%.  Congratulations George!


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