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Monday, May 31, 2010 - 7:30pm

U.S. Refuses to Condemn Israeli Killings

The Israeli military attacked a group of aid ships this morning and murdered at least ten peace activists.  The group of boats was headed to the Gaza Strip with much needed food, water, and medical supplies. The ships were attacked in international waters after Israel dropped commandos from helicopters onto the deck and began shooting passengers.

Left-wing protestors in Tel Aviv show their outrage at their government's actions. Photo / APThe unprovoked assault brought swift condemnation from nearly every country....except the United States.  The President, presumably with his eye on his next election, does not want to upset pro-Israeli voters here in this nation.  Heaven forbid they vote against him and cost him a key state.

Unfortunately, this attack is standard operating procedure for the Israeli government.  Without the U.S. to keep them in-line, Benjamin Netanyahu and his goons believe they have a license to kill.  They did it a few months ago at a Dubai hotel when they assassinated a guest and they did it again today.

President Obama needs to condemn these murders and the American Congress needs to stop providing a terrorist nation like Israel with weapons, supplies, and intelligence.


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