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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - 7:55pm

Huckabee Surges Past Romney in Iowa

Former Baptist preacher and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has taken the lead from Mitt Romney in the latest Iowa poll.  Romney has been leading in Iowa for months after pouring millions upon millions of dollars into the state, but Huckabee still was able to rank higher.  Here are Rasmussen's results.


Mike Huckabee:  28%

Mitt Romney:  26%

Rudy Giuliani:  12%

Fred Thompson:  11%

Ron Paul:  5%

John McCain:  4%


Huckabee has risen to the lead by shamelessly playing the religion card.  He calls himself the Christian leader, which is a purposeful attack against Mitt Romney, who is Mormon.  The preacher believes that the evangelical voters in Iowa will vote for him over Romney solely over religion.  He seems to be correct, at least in the short-term.  However,  there are only so many Jesus-freaks out there.


The other key elements of this Rasmussen poll are the rise of Congressman Ron Paul and the fall of John McCain.  Senator McCain has fallen to sixth place in Iowa, while Dr. Paul has passed him to move up to fifth place.  Ron Paul has done this despite spending very little money in the state.  If Paul is able to come in third in Iowa, he will be the major story coming out of the state as the elections shift to New Hampshire.


Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 2:40pm

Another Bush Supporter Goes Down in Defeat

Australian Prime Minister John Howard, a staunch supporter of the Iraq War and President Bush, conceded defeat in the federal election in Australia.  Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party routed John Howard's party.  Rudd will now assume the duties of Prime Minister.  John Howard has served in the role since 1996, but is most known in the United States for helping to invade Iraq and refusing to acknowledge the failure.


We have now seen the two loudest supporters of Bush's Iraq policy lose their elections.  Tony Blair lost his leadership position earlier this year.  Both prime ministers were vociferous in their support of Bush and the concept of pre-emptive action.  Voters in Great Britain and Australia have spoken out against them.


Let's hope that this era of arrogant and destructive leaders of so-called democratic countries ends when Bush's term expires.  John Howard, Tony Blair, and George Bush have made the world a much more dangerous place in the last ten years.  Hopefully, their successors will have more respect for other nations.


Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 12:45pm

The Clinton Machine Kicks Into High Gear

Seeing her lead slip in Iowa, Hillary has decided to double both her time and advertising in the state in the weeks leading up to the election.  A story has also emerged that Senator Clinton has scandalous information on Barack Obama and is sitting on it until the time is right.  Her campaign, of course, claimed that they don't know what the report is about.


It looks like Hillary is nervous about her chances in Iowa.  Her lead has slipped to 2% over Obama in recent polls by Research 2000 and Strategic Vision.  Since Iowa is the first state to hold elections, a win or a virtual tie by Obama could propel his standing in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and other states.


Clinton is also preparing to "swift-boat" Barack Obama if he gets close enough to give her a challenge.  Look for negative news about Senator Obama to leak out within a week of the Iowa caucus.  Hillary will deny being the source of the leak, but we all know better.

These politics of sleaze is something that the American public hates.  However, Hillary knows that the backlash against her will be minimal because the mainstream media has already anointed her the nominee.  If you watched the debate the other night and saw the softball questions lobbied to Clinton,  you'd agree.


Monday, November 12, 2007 - 9:15pm

Hillary's Planted Questioners

This will shock, uh, um, nobody.  The latest revelation coming out of the Hillary Clinton campaign is that she is planting questioners during her town hall debates.  Rather than take tough questions from actual voters in the town, Senator Clinton would prefer to answer softball questions from her supporters.


 The rigged nature of these town hall meetings would be surprising if the candidate was someone else, but it is par for the course with Hillary Clinton.  Everything this woman does is contrived and scripted.  Now we know that her so-called unrehearsed town hall meetings are also staged.  I wonder if she actually gives a straight answer when she knows what the questions are ahead of time?!?  I doubt it.


Clinton has an enormous lead in the polls, but she has been slipping of late in state polling.  Barack Obama has closed the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire.  If Hillary doesn't wise up and stop acting like her slimy, scumbag husband, she will lose the Democratic nomination.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007 - 9:00pm

Ron Paul a Viable Candidate?!?

The lead pack in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. President has been Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Thompson.  However, the candidacy of Texas Congressman Ron Paul is becoming increasingly relevant.  Dr. Paul raised a respectable $5.3 million in the third quarter, but outdid himself on November 5th by raising an astounding $4.2 million in just 24 hours.


 The problem with second tier candidates almost always comes down to money.  They don't have it and can't raise enough of it to keep up with the big boys.  That all changed Monday when Ron Paul surged toward the front of the line in fundraising.  As of this writing, Ron Paul has raised over $7.6 million in the quarter.  That figure even puts him up there with the Romney money machine.


Dr. Paul polls in the single digits in Iowa and New Hampshire, but the additional funds raised will now allow him to run television ads in these opening states.  In addition, turnout is low in these states, so a candidate with passionate supporters can do much better than statewide polling suggests.  If Congressman Paul finishes in the top three in Iowa, it could propel his candidacy in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and beyond.


Sunday, November 4, 2007 - 8:45pm

Obama a Hit on Saturday Night Live

Despite Hillary's lead in the polls, it is Barack Obama making headlines.  In a SNL episode hosted by Brian Williams, it was Obama that stole the show with his surprise cameo appearance.  The good Senator from Illinois showed up at the end of  a Bill and Hillary Halloween party skit with a mask of himself.


 Saturday Night Live is great at exploiting the personalities and flaws of these presidential candidates.  They were right on the money in exposing Bill Richardson as a Hillary suck-up pining for the vice presidency.  Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel was characterized as a lunatic with a straight jacket and Hillary was revealed as a conniving and unlikable person.


This appearance was a great move by Barack Obama, not only to control SNL's depiction of him, but also to show a lighter side of his personality.  He will need to gain a lot of ground on Hillary in the next two months, so every little bit of good press helps.


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