Mainstream Media Gives Ann Coulter a Pass



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Sunday, March 4, 2007 - 11:25am

Mainstream Media Gives Ann Coulter a Pass

Normally when someone in the public eye makes racist, discriminatory or inappropriate remarks, the media is all over them to take back their comments, apologize, and do something worthwhile to make up for their behavior.  Such was the case with the anti-Jewish comments from Mel Gibson, anti-gay remarks from Tim Hardaway, and racist slurs by Michael Richards.


 Unfortunately, when it comes to Ann Coulter, the mainstream media lets her say and do whatever she pleases.  The Conservative Political Action Conference was held in New York City on Friday.  In attendance were Coulter, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and thousands of supporters.  When Ann Coulter gave her speech, she called John Edwards a "faggot."  This extremely anti-gay remark by a well known conservative against a leading presidential candidate would normally generate huge publicity and condemnation from anyone and everyone.  Instead, the mainstream media chose to ignore the entire story.


I guess there's not enough time in the news cycle when Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears dominate your (tabloid) coverage.  These are the same people that give Ann Coulter a microphone and a forum to spew her hate-filled messages.  Much like Anna Nicole and Britney, Coulter generates a big up-tick in ratings when she shows up on television.  Apparently the mainstream media doesn't want to upset her for fear she'll refuse to appear on their network again.


Of course, the bloggers on both sides discussed it openly.  Even leading conservative blogger Michelle Malkin strongly disapproved of Coulter's anti-gay remarks.  John Edwards released a statement condemning the remarks and calling them anti-American, but outside the blogging world, his response fell on deaf ears.


Our television news coverage has now slipped into selective disclosure.  Ratings are the first priority and the MSM won't do anything to jeopardize them.  They also don't want to appear too liberal, so they let a conservative bigot who generates a lot of buzz off the hook.  Pathetic!


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