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Tuesday, March 6, 2007 - 11:10am

Sponsors Starting to Drop Coulter

I hate to write about this skank again, but I must.  It took a few days for the media to even pick up on this story of Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a "faggot", but now that it has, a number of the sponsors on her website have had enough.  Of course, it took customer complaints and not the act itself that got these sponsors to jump ship, but the end result is the same.  Mad props go out to DailyKos for listing all her website advertiser information.


 This hurts Ann Coulter where it hurts the most; in her bank account.  The only way to get this hate-filled shrew to shut the F up is to start taking away her money.  Maybe if she can't afford her $1.8 million beach home in Palm Beach, Florida, she'll learn to act like a civilized human being and not the evil spawn of the devil that she truly is.


What strikes me the most is that the conservative audience applauded and cheered when Coulter made the anti-gay remarks about Edwards.  It remind me of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character and how he gets people in the movie to join him in hate-filled songs. Of course, Borat does it to show that discrimination still exists.  Coulter does it to sell books and pay her mortgage.


It remains to be seen how many sponsors will drop Coulter.  She still has plenty up on her website and this latest controversy only brings in more eyeballs.  Her site currently has ads from the Yellow Pages, Premier Collectibles, the Young America's Foundation and the Conservative Book Club.  Of course, two of these sites sell her books, so I doubt they'd suddenly get an attack of conscience and drop the ads, but you never know.  If everyone hammers away at these firms, maybe they'll dump her.


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