Darfur to Get More Attention From Ban Ki-Moon



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Wednesday, January 3, 2007 - 12:00am

Darfur to Get More Attention From Ban Ki-Moon

You may not know the name yet, but Ban Ki-Moon is the new Secretary General of the United Nations.  Ki-Moon officially replacing Kofi Annan yesterday and pledged to direct his energies toward helping the people in Darfur.  The Darfur region of Sudan is where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being killed and millions more becoming refugees.


 With the verbal approval of the U.S. and other developed countries, the United Nations hopes to place a peacekeeping force in Darfur to help the 7,000 African troops that are currently there.  Thus far, the government of Sudan (who is responsible for the genocide) has refused. 


For Ban Ki-Moon to be successful, he needs to get the United Kingdom and the United States to be more forceful toward Sudan.  The government of Sudan is thumbing its nose at the world community and is slaughtering people at will.  Unfortunately, Tony Blair and George Bush are neck deep in Iraq at the moment and have largely ignored the crisis in Darfur.


This is another reason for the British and the Americans to get out of Iraq.  It has weakened their position around the world, particularly in Darfur.  Other nations feel free to do whatever they like and the United States is relatively powerless to stop them.


Ban Ki-Moon's office is right in New York City, so he should be able to get some face time in Washington any time he wants to bring attention to this catastrophe.  Kofi Annan had already overstayed his welcome, so it'll be good to get fresh blood in there.  Hopefully, Ki-Moon can get Bush and Blair to grow some cajones and take a stand against the Sudanese government.


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