Obama Offers Universal Healthcare...With Higher Taxes!



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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 - 11:25pm

Obama Offers Universal Healthcare...With Higher Taxes!

Just when I thought I liked the guy.  Barack Obama has offered up a plan for universal health care coverage for all Americans.  Sounds great, huh?  The only catch is that he wants all the rich people to pay for it by raising taxes on them.  Of course, the wealthy already pay for their own health care, but Obama wants them to pay for everybody else too.


This is so typical of the Democratic Party.  Their answer for everything is to tax the rich.  How about they stop spending the taxpayers' money?  Barack Obama is proving everything we already knew about the party.  Rather than find programs to cut and stay within a budget, Barack is taking the easy way out by promising to tax the people who already pay the most taxes.


If you really want to create universal health care, then do so by cutting spending, not raising taxes.  I have a few suggestions for Mr. Obama if he really wants to provide health care to millions of Americans. 


First and foremost, there should be massive Tort reform in this country.  One reason healthcare costs are so high is because the Democrats have created a litigious society where anybody can be sued.  This has driven up malpractice insurance, which in turn has been passed on to Americans paying for healthcare.


Second, cut federal spending.  I hear there is an expensive war going on in Iraq that is costing the government a couple billion dollars per week.  Have the cajones to end the war and you will free up more than enough funds to fund universal healthcare. (Obama estimates his plan would cost $50-$65 billion per year)


Third, make illegal immigrants pay taxes or go home.  If you get 12 million illegal immigrants to pay taxes every year, that would raise billions upon billions of dollars.  If those 12 million folks paid taxes like the rest of us, it would go a long way into repairing our healthcare system.


Who knew it would be so simple to create universal healthcare without raising taxes?  My solution is more equitable and makes a lot more sense.  What are the chances Barack Obama or any of the Democrats introduces any of those suggestions?  I'm betting zero!


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