Barack Obama Raises a Stunning $25 Million!



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Wednesday, April 4, 2007 - 11:55am

Barack Obama Raises a Stunning $25 Million!

While Hillary Clinton set the all-time record for fundraising in the first quarter with $26 million, Barack Obama is hot on her heels with $25 million.  The two candidates are a solid $11 million ahead of John Edwards, the next closest challenger.  With many states moving their primaries up on the schedule, money is a big, big deal in determining the next President of the United States.


 In the last month, Hillary Clinton has slid in the polls and Edwards and Obama have narrowed the gap.  Perhaps she is sliding because she is a complete phony who refuses to offer an opinion until she sees which way the wind is blowing first.  Her biggest advantage has been having more money and now Barack Obama is matching her.


I would much rather see the Democratic primary come down to John Edwards and Barack Obama.  Both of them are much better candidates than Hillary Clinton.  Barack Obama has opposed the war in Iraq from the start and John Edwards has admitted his vote to authorize the President to go to war was a mistake.  Hillary, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge the greatest mistake of her life.


As for the Republicans, the money is not flowing in at the same levels.  Mitt Romney was able to pull in $20 million in the first quarter, but much of that was due to his Mormon connections.  He was not able to raise a great deal of money outside of Utah.  After Romney, Rudy Giuliani came in with $15 million and John McCain stumbled in with $12.5 million.


In the past, Republicans easily outpaced the Democrats on the money train.  What you're seeing now is the exact opposite.  The vitriol toward the Republican party is so strong that the funds are going in the other direction.  If this hatred of the GOP keeps up, no Republican will stand a chance in the general election.  The Democrat that wins the primary will become the next president.


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