Blackwater USA Evicted From Iraq



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Monday, September 17, 2007 - 7:30pm

Blackwater USA Evicted From Iraq

The Iraqi government has kicked the private military group Blackwater USA out of the country after they were involved in another shooting of civilians.  Eight civilians were killed in the latest shoot-out involving Blackwater personnel.  Blackwater is the firm hired by the U.S. government to protect diplomats, engineers, and others.


 This "security" firm is essentially a group of mercenaries hired by the Republican White House.  They shoot first and never ask questions later.  There are many reports of indiscriminate firing against Iraqi civilians and even U.S. Marines.


In 2004, then Ambassador to Iraq,  Paul Bremer, granted them and other security firms immunity from prosecution.  As a result, they operate without regard to rules and have their own agenda.  They are not subject to the military's code of conduct and they don't answer to anybody.  When they shoot someone (as they often do), there are no repercussions.


It is a dangerous precedent to even allow private militaries to exist.  The Blackwater USA firm has 40,000 soldiers.  They are heavily armed and already have the capability of overtaking small countries.  The obvious danger is if they're not on our side.  They're hired guns who work for whatever country or whatever political party decides to pay them.


While Blackwater is an American firm and is too small to challenge our military, a day could come when that is not the case.  The firm has grown exponentially since it was started only ten years ago.  The extremely conservative Blackwater army may decide one day that it doesn't like the party in power in the United States and decide to overthrow them.


This mercenary armies needs to be abolished immediately.  The Iraqi government is kicking them out of Iraq.  It is time for the U.S. government to kick them out of the U.S.  The American people need to wake up!


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