Things Getting Nasty in Tennessee


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - 12:00am

Things Getting Nasty in Tennessee

The Senate race in Tennessee is getting extremely ugly as Republican and Democratic operatives move in to battle it out.  A recent negative ad from the Republican camp is being aired and is laced with sexual and racial overtones against Democrat Harold Ford Jr., an African-American candidate.  Republican Bob Corker has denounced the ad, but has refused to take it off the air.


 Bob Corker is using a tactic that is reminiscent of 2000, when then Governor Bush's campaign spread racial lies about John McCain in South Carolina. He is using his allies like the RNC to destroy his opponent by spreading false statements, then pretending to stand on the high moral ground and criticize the ad.


Unfortunately, the media has not called him on this any more than they did when Bush's thugs ripped McCain.  George Bush got away with the unethical conduct by saying he wasn't doing it and now Bob Corker will too. 


Neither the media nor the Democratic Party has any stones to stand up to these dirty tricks.  The media is so afraid of appearing liberal that they don't do their jobs and the Democrats just don't know how to fight in the sewer with the conservatives.  As a result, it could be the beginning of the end of the left in Tennessee.  Bob Corker has taken a slight lead in the polls with only two weeks to go and Ford continues to get dragged through the mud.


 What may help Ford is that Bob Corker is just not a good candidate.  He even lies to the cameras.  He was adamant in a recent debate that he never, ever used the term 'stay the course' in Iraq when discussing strategy.  Turns out, that was exactly what he said only three months ago.  Corker is simply regurgitating Bush talking points and has no clue what he's doing.  Let's see if Ford and the national Democrats that are now down in Tennessee can do something about it.


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