Connecticut City Giving ID Cards to Illegals



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Monday, July 23, 2007 - 12:01am

Connecticut City Giving ID Cards to Illegals

New Haven, Connecticut is the new front on the war on illegal immigrants.  The brilliant lawmakers in the city have decided to reward law-breakers with a national identification card.  As of July 24th, it will be the first city in the U.S. to do such a thing.  This card will allow illegals to open bank accounts, have access to city services, and use it as a debit card.  The argument from city officials is one of improving public safety.


(Photograph)If you've ever been to New Haven, you'd know that public safety is the last thing city officials are concerned about.  Outside of Yale University, the city is a cesspool.  New Haven is a city of 124,000 residents with an astounding 24.4% under the poverty level.  The per capita income in the city is a measly $16,393.  Murders, drugs, rapes, and burglaries are commonplace in New Haven. The point is that local government officials have a lot more to worry about than giving ID cards to criminals.


Kica Matos, the community services administrator of New Haven, is one of the villains behind this controversial plan.  She believes the cards will improve safety, but presented no facts to back up the wild assertion.  Ms. Matos only stated that there is fear among the illegal immigrant community in reporting crimes.  That statement in and of itself is a problem.  She knows that there is an illegal immigrant community, but does nothing to address the problem. 


Ms. Matos also fails to realize that ID cards will do far more harm than good.  If you let non-tax paying residents use city services, the services will eventually be overwhelmed.  The legal citizens who actually pay taxes are the ones who suffer.


In the long run, many more illegals will come to New Haven, CT for sanctuary and the legal citizens will gradually move out.  When that happens, who will be left to pay for everything?


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