Deadly Day for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq



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Sunday, May 6, 2007 - 10:15pm

Deadly Day for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Eleven American troops were killed in Iraq on Sunday, marking one of the deadliest day ever for the United States since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Six soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb northeast of Baghdad, two Marines died from a bombing in Anbar province, two others died in separate attacks in Baghdad, and another died in a non-combat incident.  The deaths raised the total number of Americans killed in Iraq to 3,373.


The deadliest day for U.S. forces occurred on January 26, 2005 when 37 soldiers died, including 31 from a helicopter crash.  The second was on March 23, 2003 when 28 American servicemembers were killed.  That incident included the capture of Jessica Lynch.  The third was just a few months ago, on January 20, 2007, when 19 soldiers were killed.  Twelve of them died from a Blackhawk helicopter crash.


These incidents today further illustrate the point that the situation in Iraq is getting worse for American troops.  The bombings on Sunday did not occur in just one location.  There were four separate attacks inside and outside of Baghdad.  The United States simply has no answer for the car bombings that continue to claim the lives of Americans. 


This is yet another reason why we should leave Iraq immediately.  In over four years, the situation on the ground has not improved nor will it anytime soon.  Why risk more American lives every day when we already know that Iraq will be just as bad next year as it is this year?


Why do these politicians continue to hedge and stall and make excuses as to why they will not bring our boys home?  At this point, the blame no longer lies solely on the White House.  Democrats and Republicans in Congress also have blood on their hands.  None of them have put the troops above their own personal interests.


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