Democrats Look to Limit Bush's War Powers



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Friday, February 23, 2007 - 10:15am

Democrats Look to Limit Bush's War Powers

Senate Democrats continued on their offensive against George Bush and his war in Iraq.  Last week they pushed to vote against the troop surge, but fell just short of the 60 votes needed to debate the issue.  This week they are looking to introduce legislation that will limit the mission of American soldiers in Iraq.  There are a few versions being discussed, but one would restrict U.S. troops to only fighting al-Qaeda elements.


It would be difficult for the Democrats to get enough votes to restrict the President from running the war the way he wants to.  Nonetheless, they continue to show that they will do everything they can to end this war.  Politically, the Democrats are winning big time.  The American public does not want this war and it appears that the only ones trying to stop it are the Democrats.  While some Republicans are siding with the left, most are following party leadership and the White House.


If this strategy by the Dems keeps up, the Republicans will be a shell of what they once were when the 2008 elections roll around.  George Bush is bringing the entire Republican party down with him and if other Republicans don't jump ship soon, they won't have jobs in two years.


This war will not be stopped by the Democrats alone.  A number of Republicans must vote against this president if this is to end.  We are only now starting to see cracks in the GOP foundation.  In six months, when they realize that the surge didn't work and that the public has turned even further against them, we will start to see a major shift. 


By the end of the summer, enough Republicans will break with the White House and join forces with the Democrats.  Only then will we see a significant change in Iraq.


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