Democrats Now Lead in 5 of 6 Competitive Senate Races


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - 12:00am

Democrats Now Lead in 5 of 6 Competitive Senate Races

For the Democrats to take control of the Senate, they need to win all six Senate races in the mid-term elections.  This feat seemed impossible a few months ago, but it is slowly getting a little more believable.  In Missouri, Montana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all the Democratic challengers have pulled ahead.  Unfortunately, even if they win all five of those races it will not be enough.  They also need Harold Ford Jr. (D) to win in Tennessee.


   Harold Ford Jr. is currently losing 49% - 37% against Bob Corker (R) in the latest poll.  That is a large difference to make up and not a lot of time to do it.  It would be hard for a Democrat to win in Tennessee, but not impossible.  Ford Jr. is actually very moderate as Democrats go, but his challenger is also a moderate for a Republican.


If Ford loses and the other five races go to the Democrats, the Senate will be 50-50 with Dr. Evil casting the tiebreaking vote.  You can take a wild guess as to who that wacko will vote with.


So even though it is looking good for the left to pick up five seats, it appears to be a long shot to win six.  The Democrats need another seat to somehow become in play or they need Ford to close the gap.


Perhaps Senator George Allen's seat (R) in Virginia will become in play.  Senator Allen led James Webb by 24% in March of this year.  By July, his lead was down to 11%.  Now it has been discovered that the good Senator made some racist remarks to a dark-skinned Webb volunteer.  Comments like that could make that lead go bye-bye in a hurry.


Without control of the Senate, the thugs in the Bush administration will continue their politics of terror for another 2+ years.  We'll only have the voters to blame though.  They are the ones buying the complete BS of this regime.


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