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Tuesday, October 30, 2007 - 11:35pm

Democrats Debate...Again

Is anyone else sick and tired of all these presidential debates?  I've had enough.  Tonight we're forced to listen to Brian Williams and Tim Russert, the Joe Buck and Tim McCarver of political talking-heads.  If it wasn't for the always entertaining Dennis Kucinich, this debate would rank among the most boring ever.


In the 30-second lightning round, the candidates are practicing how fast they can talk.  I think Chris Dodd (is he still running?) just won for the most words spoken in such a short amount of time.


Frontrunner Hillary is doing her best to say nothing while continuing to move her lips.  I guess if you don't take a position on anything, nobody can get upset with you.  Her negatives are already so high, why push them up any further.


We also just figured out why the Democrats will have trouble winning the general election.  When asked by a show of hands if it was unacceptable to give illegal immigrants a drivers license, only Chris Dodd raised his hand.  The Republicans will have a field day with that issue.


The moderators followed up with Hillary to determine her actual position on licenses for illegal immigrants, but she never quite answered the question.  Hillary practiced her classic double-talk.  Shame on the moderators for not nailing her down.


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