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Friday, September 8, 2006 - 12:45am

All Terror, All the Time

The Bush sponsored GOP election campaign in officially in full effect and it is all about terrorism. Every speech he gives from now until the mid-term elections will be how great his party is at fighting the terrorists.  Unfortunately for him, reality shows that he has created more terrorists than killed.


The Democrats have been unable to show that Bush is creating more terrorism through his actions.  In New Jersey, the Democratic Senate candidate is slipping.  Thomas Keane (R) now leads Robert Menendez (D) by 2.3% in a blue state.  Also, in Missouri, Jim Talent (R) has pulled back ahead of Claire McCaskill (D).


This tells me that the Republican propaganda machine is working and that the Democrats continue to back bad candidates.  There are dozens of Democratic challengers for the House and Senate that just seem confused.  They don't know how to argue and fight back against the administration.  They have so much trouble articulating positions that are easily defensible.


So Bush will talk terror and rally his base to the polls.  The Democrats could fight back, but they won't.  They're too afraid to take a position.  I would love to be wrong, but the left is really clueless.  It just reminds me why they've lost the last three elections.  They are unorganized and directionless.


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