New York Begins Fight Over Licenses for Illegals



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Tuesday, October 9, 2007 - 9:40pm

New York Begins Fight Over Licenses for Illegals

Remind me never to move to New York State.  Attorney General Elliot Spitzer recently decided to allow illegal immigrants the ability to receive a New York drivers license.  His argument for granting licenses makes no sense.  Spitzer states that without licenses, illegals are forced to drive without insurance, which forces them to run when involved in an accident.  This, Spitzer says, causes higher insurance rates for every New Yorker.


Unfortunately, Elliot Spitzer is ignoring the primary problem, which is illegal immigration in his state.  He is attempting to fix a secondary problem that is caused as a result of not addressing the first one.  If he doesn't want illegal immigrants to drive away from the scene of an accident, he should concentrate on removing the illegals from New York.


The rationale argued by Spitzer is hardly the real reason he wants illegals to get licenses.  Like all politicians, Spitzer sees dollar signs.  Allowing hundreds of thousands of people access to state-issued licenses will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state.  Money is the purpose of this policy and money is also the reason nobody will do anything about illegal immigration.


If you can believe it, the folks arguing against this backwards policy in the state sound even more ridiculous.  They speak of increased terrorism and voter fraud as the backbone of their fight.  Both are nice political talking points, but also irrelevant to the situation.  The argument should be that undocumented immigrants are in this country illegally and are not entitled to privileges that law-abiding, tax-paying citizens have.


The bottom line is that illegal immigrants should not have drivers licenses.  They should not even be driving, unless it is out of the country.  Elliot Spitzer is wrong, plain and simple.  He wants this fight, but truth, reality, and common sense are not on his side.


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