Lieberman Clings to 5% Lead in Three Way Race


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Monday, August 14, 2006 - 12:30am

Lieberman Clings to 5% Lead in Three-Way Race

About six weeks ago, Senator Joe Lieberman announced that he would run as an independent candidate should he lose the Democratic primary.  At the time he announced this bid, he was well ahead in a three-way race.  A poll at the time put Lieberman at 44%, Ned Lamont at 29%, and Alan Schlesinger at 15%.  It was a no-brainer for Joe to want to run as a third party candidate.  He was 15% ahead of Ned Lamont.


   Today, those numbers are drastically different.  The latest Rasmussen poll puts Joe Lieberman at 46%, Ned Lamont at 41%, and Alan Schlesinger at 6%.  That is quite a difference in less than two months.  Throw in the fact that Joe Lieberman no longer has the financial and political backing of the Democratic party and it will be very difficult for him to pull off a victory, even with a slight lead in the polls.


Lieberman and the Republicans are also making ridiculous statements lately.  Since Lamont is against the Iraq war and Lieberman is for it, Joe and the GOP have labeled Lamont as part of the extreme left wing of the Democratic party.  Unfortunately for them, 86% of Democrats oppose the war in Iraq.  As Colbert tells us, 86% of anything is mainstream.


They have said that a vote for Lamont is emboldening terrorism.  That is absurd and completely over the line.  If anything, the terrorists want war-mongers in office in America.  The war in Iraq has helped their cause for years now.


I originally thought that Joe Lieberman would win a three-way race against Lamont and Schlesinger, but now I'm not so sure.  He may not have the money or the support from the people he needs.  The other Democrats in Connecticut will tell their people to put their support behind Lamont.  That might be just enough to put Lamont over the top...again.


If Lieberman stays in the race, it is going to be very close.  Ned Lamont looked like a rookie in the debate a couple months ago, but he now comes across as a seasoned veteran on the campaign trail.  Joe Lieberman continues to appear arrogant and disconnected with Connecticut voters.  He is ahead right now, but this could change rapidly.


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