Meet Racist Virginia Senator George Allen


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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 - 12:00am

Meet Racist Virginia Senator George Allen

I know you will all be shocked to learn that another elitist, white, rich politician made a racial slur against a non-white, but it is true.  This time it is Virginia Senator George Allen (R), who called a 20-year old volunteer of his opponent's campaign a 'macaca', which is equivalent to calling the guy a monkey.  The volunteer was videotaping the Senator on the campaign trail in Virginia.  Senator Allen was gracious enough to direct his racial epitaph right into the camera.


   George Allen also said 'Welcome to America' to the guy, apparently because his skin was a little darker than the white folk he's been hanging around with.  This comment was even worse and more ignorant than the monkey remark.  I guess Senator Allen isn't aware that non-whites have been in this country a long time.  For the record, the 20-year old volunteer was born in Virginia.


It must be incomprehensible to George Allen that non-white people are American citizens.  Why else would he make a comment like that....on camera no less.  If Senator Allen is willing to make ridiculous comments like that in public in front of dozens of people, just think of what he'd say in private to his cronies.


To make matters worse, the apology that George Allen put out was weak and pathetic.  He claimed that he didn't even know what macaca meant.  That is unbelievable.  He used it in exactly the right context against someone it would and should offend.  I'd say he knows exactly what it means.


All this puts Senator Allen's seat in play.  As stated in the previous post, his lead over James Webb had already shrunk from 24% to 11% before his derogatory comments.  Expect this lead to get much tighter in the coming weeks.  The nation doesn't need another racist politician in Washington.  There are already more than enough.


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