Hillary Denies Paying for Powerful Endorsement



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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - 8:55am

Hillary Denies Paying for Powerful Endorsement

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) received an endorsement last week from South Carolina state Senator Darrell Jackson, a highly influential black politician.  Endorsements are hard to come by this early in the 2008 Presidential race, so to receive one from a leader in the black community in a state that holds an early primary is very important.


Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton paid Darrell Jackson a lot of money to receive the endorsement.  See, Mr. Jackson owns a media consulting firm and Senator Clinton agreed to pay him $10,000 per month for the support.  Technically, it wasn't a direct payment for the endorsement, but we all know that it was.  Of course, Hillary defended hiring Jackson for the consulting contract and denied that it was just for the endorsement.  That defense simply made her look even more phony than she already does.


If that isn't outrageous enough, Jackson stated that he received higher offers from other candidates.  He wouldn't say which candidates (plural) gave him higher offers, but with that much money being thrown around, we can presume it was the top-tier Democratic candidates.  My guess for one of the others would be John Edwards.  Jackson endorsed Edwards in 2004, but said he wanted to support someone that could win in 2008.


What Hillary Clinton did isn't illegal, but it should be.  Paying people off so that they give you phony support is just wrong.  I suppose it's typical of politics in America.  I wonder who's going to get paid next to endorse one of these say-anything, presidential candidates.


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