More Debate on the House Floor



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Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 8:40am

More Debate on the House Floor

I wouldn't normally subject you to another C-SPAN video, but it is important to see where the Republican leadership stands on the Iraq war and what the argument is to vote against the resolution criticizing the troop surge.


 House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) gave the opening speech on the floor.  He stated the resolution is "criticizing the latest efforts by American forces to win in Iraq."  He goes on to say that the war in Iraq is about fighting radical Islamic terrorists.  Boehner also argues that the resolution is the first step in cutting off funding for the troops.


Apparently, the good Congressman from Ohio is not aware that the military leaders on the ground do not want more troops.  Perhaps he is also not aware of who we are fighting in Iraq.  The U.S. is currently playing referee to a civil war in Iraq.  It is a fight against Sunni and Shiites with the American military in the middle.


Boehner's statement about cutting off funds is also very misleading.  It is true that a handful of Democrats would like to remove the funding for the war, but it is reportedly a very small number.  Furthermore, a move to cut off the money does not actually leave our troops stranded in Iraq without support.  It brings them home.  Politically, it looks extremely bad to remove the funding.  In reality, it ends the war.


It is important to note that others in the Republican party do not agree with Congressman Boehner's assessment.  While most of them will not speak about it openly on the House floor, many will vote against the troop surge.  The vote is tomorrow.  We will then see where everybody stands.


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