Bush and Democrats Push Weak Immigration Plan



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Monday, April 9, 2007 - 8:40am

Bush and Democrats Push Weak Immigration Plan

President Bush has stepped up his rhetoric on the illegal immigration front, hoping to create a guest worker program for illegals and give them a path to citizenship.  His immigration plan is considered to be extremely liberal and  has been met with disappointment and disgust from people in his own party.  He is traveling to Yuma, Arizona on the border with Mexico to make his case.


 Rather than send illegal immigrants back home where they belong, the President would like to reward the people that break the law by crossing into this country.  He has proposed granting work visas to illegals which would allow them to stay in the United States legally.  If these workers would like to become permanent U.S. residents, they would have to return to their home country and pay a large fine to return.


Despite taking this incredibly lenient approach, thousands of illegals marched through Los Angeles this weekend in protest.  If you ask me, they should keep marching all the way back to your own country!  If you are not even in the United States legally, you have no rights and nothing to protest. 


The only reason these folks have not been deported is because Bush is in the back pocket of big business and corporations love cheap labor.  If not for that fact, Bush would take a much harder line.


The only positive legislation that has come out so far is the approval of 700 miles of border fencing along the U.S./Mexico border.  Of course, the border is over 2,000 miles long, so 700 miles will only protect about 1/3 of the area.  However, fencing has proven to work in the parts of the country where it currently is in place.  The continuous flow of illegal immigrants in those sections has abated.


If the Democrats had a clue, they would bow to conservatives on this issue.  For once, the conservatives are correct.  The left has absolutely no idea what they're doing on this issue and they never have.  Democrats want to allow anyone and everyone into this country without paying any attention to the effects.  They scream about healthcare reform, but ignore the fact that illegal immigrants are crippling hospitals and medical services throughout the country.


The GOP minority needs to hold firm.  If weak legislation is passed or none at all, the problem of illegal immigration will continue to get worse.


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