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Thursday, January 3, 2007 - 11:30pm

Obama, Huckabee Win in Iowa!

The results are in and Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are the winners.  My predictions of an Edwards, Romney victory were way off the mark.  As it turned out, Obama and Huckabee won quite comfortably.  Senator Obama defeated John Edwards by 8% and Governor Huckabee beat Mitt Romney by 9%.


The big story coming out of Iowa is clearly Barack Obama.  In a state that is more than 95% white, a minority candidate has won the presidential caucus.  That is unprecedented.  This race was supposed to be close, but Barack won going away.


The great part about these results are that Hillary Clinton came in third place!  That is a huge setback for the presumptive nominee.  The evil spawn of the devil thought she would beat Obama and Edwards, but she didn't even clear 30% of the vote.


Republican Mike Huckabee made a number of mistakes in the home stretch, but that didn't stop the bible-thumping, evangelicals from coming out to vote for him.  His religious zealotry message will not play in New Hampshire come next week, but it could work in South Carolina on January 15th.  Let us "pray" that his message of intolerance stops in SC.


I was hoping for a third place finish for Congressman Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who would bring our troops home from Iraq immediately.  However, it looks like Dr. Paul will finish in fifth place with 10% of the vote.  The good news is that Ron Paul broke double-digits and he beat Rudy Giuliani, the national frontrunner.  His standing may improve in New Hampshire, a state with more independent thinkers.


The question now is how much of a bump Obama will receive going into New Hampshire.  Senator Clinton is currently ahead by 7% in the Granite State, but that lead could very well disappear overnight.  If Hillary can't win any of the early states, her candidacy is doomed.


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