The Coming War with Iran




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Monday, October 1, 2007 - 12:00am

The Coming War with Iran

It appears inevitable that the maniacal Bush administration will attack the nation of Iran in the next few months.  According to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, the administration is preparing for "surgical" strikes against Iran's Revolutionary Guard soldiers.  The blind, moronic, spineless Congress recently gave Bush the green light (again) to attack and kill these Iranian soldiers by passing a resolution that declared them terrorists.


 The argument the Bushies will make is that they're only protecting the U.S. military in Iraq from the Iranian infiltration.  Of course, you'll just have to take their word for it that Iran is doing much of anything in Iraq.  The administration wouldn't lie to us, right?  I mean, Iraq has tons of nuclear and chemical weapons, right?  That's why we invaded their country...or so we're told.


If this were a different president, perhaps we could believe his rationale for attacking a sovereign nation.  However, this is George Bush we're talking about here. He is called the Worst President Ever for a reason.  He is not to be trusted on anything, especially matters of foreign policy.  It is a virtual guarantee that he will only make the situation worse.


The Bush is creating the plan to attack Iran, but much like their Iraq strategy, they are not looking ahead to what happens next.


Let's take a look at what would happen should the United States bomb Iran.  First and foremost, Iran will have an excuse to retaliate.  They would likely attack American soldiers in Iraq, our ships in the Persian Gulf, and targets in Israel.  A counter-attack from the U.S. will further the conflict.  Syria and Lebanon would then join forces to help Iran.  That would also force Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and other nations to take sides.


In essence, bombing Iran will escalate the conflict in the Middle East beyond belief.  Many more nations will be pulled into war and most of them would not be on the side of the United States.  The international community, especially Middle Eastern countries, hate America.  I don't see many of them lining up to help George Bush.  With a depleted and weakened military, the U.S. does not want this fight.


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