Framing the War with Iran



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Friday, February 2, 2007 - 10:30am

Framing the War with Iran

If you're paying attention, you can already see the signs.  Much like the lead-up to the war in Iraq, the future war with Iran is being framed for the American public.  The Bush administration wants to get the people on their side when they bomb Iran, so they are leaking false information to bolster the case.


 Take the attacks within Iraq.  The administration will imply that Iran is responsible for the majority of the violence in Iraq.  However, that is not nearly the case.  Iran is predominantly Shia, yet 90% of the attacks on U.S. forces come from Sunnis and Al-Qaeda elements.  Only ten percent of attacks are committed by Shia.


President Bush also recently appeared on the government-run Fox News channel to make his case against Iran.  Even though Iran is many years, if not decades away from obtaining nuclear weapons, he talked as if they were acquiring them tomorrow. 


Bush is selling us a fictional story about Iran.  The Congress needs to wise up, because this is the exact same crap that the administration used to sell us on the war in Iraq four years ago.  Start talking about mushroom clouds and nuclear weapons, strike fear into the heart of the American people, then attack a sovereign nation and endanger the lives of our soldiers.  That is the Bush/Cheney plan.  It worked once already and they're hoping there are enough suckers the second time around too.


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