Iran Tempting the West into War



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Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - 4:15pm

Iran Tempting the West into War

The nation of Iran kidnapped 15 British soldiers last week after they claimed the Britons had trespassed into Iranian waters.  The Iranians offered no proof whatsoever to substantiate that claim, but today the British released overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  With satellite images and recorded GPS coordinates, the British government has apparently been able to prove Iran is lying....shocking, I know.


 To further complicate the matter, Iran blatantly ignored the Geneva Conventions and paraded some of these soldiers on international television today.  They also forced the female British soldier, Faye Turney into making (presumably) false statements about her captivity.


This is not the first time Iran has held hostages.  They captured British soldiers in 2004 under the same false pretense, but released them a few days later.  In that situation, Iran forced their captives to state they crossed into Iranian waters.  Upon release, the soldiers recanted.  Iran also held American hostages for over 440 days from 1979-1981.  They are no stranger to this kind of action and have yet to be held accountable for it.


If Iran is asking for a war, they may very well get it.  The British and the United States are downplaying the conflict to avoid an escalation, but if Iran does not release all of these hostages unharmed, there may be a few hundred bombs dropped on Tehran in the not too distant future.


It has become all too clear that Bush and Blair invaded the wrong country four years ago.  As a result, we are now witnessing Iran grow stronger and more brazen.  This hostage crisis could easily turn into 1979 all over again.


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