21,500 Troops to Control a City of Seven Million



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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 - 9:15pm

21,500 Troops to Control a City of Seven Million

George Bush is speaking right now and I have confirmed that he is indeed delusional.  He has admitted what many, myself included, have been saying; that there were never enough American troops in Iraq to clear out a violent area and then hold it.  The delusional part is that he stated that the 21,500 additional troops he is sending will correct that problem.  This could not be further from the truth.


Baghdad Skyline PhotoThe ratio of Baghdad residents to each additional soldier is about 325:1.  History of occupations teaches us that the ratio needs to be around 70:1 for the occupying force to establish security and stability.  As you can see, the ratio is nowhere near where it needs to be. 


If the United States wants to win this war, they need at least 400,000 troops in Iraq.  They do not have those forces to deploy there.  Bush doesn't want to tell you this, so instead he tells us that increasing the troop levels up to 145,000 will do the trick.


The way I see it, the United States has only two real choices.  They can institute a draft to increase the size of the armed forces, which will allow them to reach the 400,000 threshold and win the war in Iraq or they can withdraw entirely.


Unfortunately, George Bush is taking option three, which is more of the same.  At this point last year, we had 152,000 troops in Iraq.  We currently have about 130,000 troops on the ground.  Therefore, this increase of 21,500 troops will only bring U.S. forces up to where they already were a year ago.  We already know that number is insufficient for success.


Bush is simply putting more American soldiers at risk with no viable plan.  He is also defying his military commanders on the ground.  The House and Senate need to stop his maniacal strategy.


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