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Saturday, December 23, 2006 - 12:30pm

Time to Come Home

Even though I was completely against the war in Iraq, I have been against withdrawing troops until the country has been stabilized.  Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that this war cannot be won with the current civilian leadership in charge.  At this point, we are better off withdrawing American forces and bringing our boys home.


The only way the United States could've won this war was to put 400,000 troops on the ground three years ago when the generals asked for them.  That is no longer possible.  The U.S. doesn't have that many forces to implement that strategy anymore.  The most the U.S. can reach is about 165,000 troops and that is not nearly enough to stabilize Iraq.


Without adequate forces on the ground, we cannot win.  American troops are dying every day and no progress is being made to stabilize Iraq.  Even if we stayed another six months, one year, or longer, the situation on the ground would not change.  Iraqis will still be killing Americans and the country will not be any safer.


It is time to withdraw before another 3,000 Americans die and tens of thousands of others become seriously injured.  We need to do this now before the military breaks.  The U.S. can maintain the no-fly zone over the country and keep some of their forces in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but they need to remove everyone else as soon as possible.


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