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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 - 11:15pm

Mainstream Media Finally Wakes Up

Hey, did you know there was a civil war going on in Iraq?!?  According to the braindead mainstream media, that civil war started just this week.  First came the LA Times, then CNN, and finally NBC.  All of them have now decided that they will call Iraq a civil war and they have instructed their people to call it at such.


This is yet another example of how clueless the mainstream media truly is.  Iraq has been in a civil war for over a year, but the MSM continued to deny the obvious.  They use terms like sectarian violence and insurgency all in an effort to pander to the Republicans.  That's right, the media has been pandering to the Bush administration.  The right talks about liberal media bias, but it just isn't there.


There are six major news services and one of them (Fox) is basically government-run.  Fox doesn't even report news.  They simply discuss what conservatives want to hear.  The other four networks and the AP bend over backwards not to appear liberal, which makes them do stupid things; like refusing to call a civil war a civil war.


You may ask why the definition of the conflict means anything?  Well just pay attention to what is already happening as a result.  Moderate Republicans are moving toward the Democrats and away from Bush.  The President is being questioned more vociferously and is losing what little support he has left.


A civil war in Iraq means that it was a monumental mistake to invade the country.  Those that didn't know that already will now be forced to admit it.  The general public doesn't always understand fancy terms like sectarian violence and insurgency, but they are definitely familiar with civil war.  This country had one not too long ago and over 600,000 American soldiers died as a result.  We can understand that.


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