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Saturday, December 2, 2006 - 11:30am

The New, New Plan

Details of the plan by the Iraq Study Group are emerging and as expected, they tow the line between the administration's plan and the Democrats hope for redeployment.  For example, it has been leaked that the commission is in a favor of a gradual and slow withdrawal of American forces.  Since the commission was bi-partisan, they had to compromise on some issues, which is not necessarily the best strategy in Iraq.


 Gradual withdrawal of troops is a very bad idea.  You either stay or go and if you are going to leave, you must do it as fast as possible.  Otherwise, the American soldiers that remain will be at even greater risk of attack.  They are already undermanned, so to reduce the forces slowly would give the insurgents a much easier target to kill.


This Baker-Hamilton report will not be the saving grace that some expect it to be.  Their other recommendation is ridiculously obvious; to train and support Iraqi forces.  No kidding.  Isn't that the same failed strategy that Bush is currently employing?


The fact is that the civilian leadership has no idea how to win this war or how to leave.  That includes both Democrats and Republicans. They are all too concerned with the political ramifications of their actions.  They fail to lead out of sheer incompetence or fear or both.
























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