Iraq Study Group Recommendations Flawed



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Wednesday, December 6, 2006 - 10:00pm

Iraq Study Group Recommendations Flawed

The bipartisan commission called the Iraq Study Group (ISG) has finally released its report on how to solve the problem in Iraq.  The primary recommendations include a gradual reduction of combat forces, additional training of the Iraqi army, and to begin diplomatic talks with Iran and Syria.  Many of the other recommendations in the ISG are purposely vague so that both Democrats and Republicans can pull information out of it and defend their positions.


The recommendations made in this report are flawed at best and delusional at worst.  Let's take the first point, the gradual reduction of American forces by the first quarter of 2008.  That is the worst possible action to take.  You either withdraw as fast as humanly possible or you stay.  There is no in between.  If you go slowly, you place U.S. military, contractors, and journalists at enormous risk.


The ISG's second point focuses on the training of the Iraqi military, which should be the main focus.  Unfortunately, the Iraqi military has not been trained properly for the 3+ years that we've been there and that is not addressed.  Apparently, the ISG believes that all of a sudden the Iraqi military will get trained exponentially faster and before the American forces leave.  The report is correct to focus on the training, but makes no mention of how to stop the corruption, infiltration, and safety issues that they face.


The third point is to talk with Iran and Syria, which we should have been doing all along. However, this is secondary.  Opening diplomatic relations with those two nations may help, but it will not solve the problem.


The recommendations in this report will not fix the disaster in Iraq.  It is delusional to assume that the Iraqi military will be able to defend themselves in 16 months when Americans leave. The report also fails to take into account what will happen afterward.  If these recommendattions are followed, it will make Iraq even worse.  American troops will be further exposed and the conflict will spread to other neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia.


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