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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 - 12:00am

Approaching 3,000

Much is being made of the number of deaths in Iraq in comparison to the number killed in the September 11th tragedy.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media is comparing the two grim numbers without telling us that one had absolutely nothing to do with the other.  Sure, George Bush would like us to believe that 9/11 and Iraq are somehow connected, but they are not.


 To date, 2,978 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq.  The number killed from the 9/11 attacks was 2,973.  The only comparison to be made between the two should focus on how this administration conned the American public into believing that we needed to invade Iraq due to the September 11th attacks.  Other than that, the two are not related to each other.


Soon there will be 3,000 American soldiers dead in Iraq.  Hopefully, the media will focus on that tragedy and how we can prevent more from dying.  That's probably asking too much though.


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