Third Deadliest Month for American Troops



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Monday, June 4, 2007 - 12:55am

Third Deadliest Month for American Troops

127 U.S. forces died in Iraq in the month of May, making it the third worst month since the start of the war in March, 2003.  The most deadly months for soldiers have been November, 2004 when 137 died and April 2004 when 135 were killed.  In the first three days of June, there have already been sixteen troops killed.  In total, there have been 3,487 American soldiers killed in the Iraq War.


photoThe month of May was not an aberration.  April was nearly as deadly, with 104 U.S. forces killed.  There have now been seven individual months (out of fifty one) where more than 100 Americans have been killed.  Four of those seven have been since October of last year.


Unfortunately, we can not get around the fact that this war is getting worse, not better.  We are losing more troops this year than we have in any prior year...and it's not even close.  If this isn't proof that the troop surge is not working, I don't know what is.


What might be even more alarming is the number of soldiers that have been wounded in action.  A total of 25,549 American troops have wounded since the beginning of the Iraq war.  That represents 1/6 of all the forces the United States has in country today.


This war has to stop if for no other reason than the United States will not be able to physically maintain troop levels in Iraq for very much longer.  The military is in the process of breaking, either through injury, death, or being discharged.  The only one who can't see that is George W. Bush.


One thing is clear.  President Bush will be forced to draw down the number of soldiers in Iraq before the end of his presidency.  He may not want to, but he will have no other choice.  He simply won't have enough soldiers to send. 


By the time Bush hands over the reigns to his successor, he will have succeeded in destroying the world's greatest military.  He has played a large part in killing 3,487 American soldiers and he has no intention of stopping.  The coming months will be equally as deadly for U.S. troops because the commander-in-chief refuses to come to grips with reality.


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