Israel Recklessly Bombing Gaza


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Friday, June 30, 2006 - 12:00am

Israel Recklessly Bombing Gaza

I wouldn't normally comment on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, but the violence has sharply escalated in recent days.  Last week, Palestinian militants kidnapped an Israeli soldier.  They threatened to kill him unless Israel stopped their invasion into Gaza.  They also were looking for a prisoner exchange, as Israel is holding hundreds of Palestinians in their jails. 

   In response to the kidnapping, the Israeli government is bombing all of the Palestinians back into the stone age.  They are not focusing on the people that kidnapped their soldier.  Instead, their military response is far more widespread.  They bombed Gaza's only power substation, which shut off electricity and water to the 1.4 million citizens of Gaza.  Other attacks have also taken out bridges.  They have purposely created a humanitarian crisis by destroying this facility.  It has now been four days since the substation was destroyed and the residents have no power and limited water supplies.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) sent over 400 artillery shells into Northern Gaza, sent troops into Southern Gaza, and captured members of the Palestinian government.   They also invaded Syrian airspace in order to buzz the home of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The video shown does not show these attacks, but gives some background on the government's tactics.  The Israeli government does not allow the media to broadcast anything it deems negative toward them.

I abhor Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Authority (PLO), but I am equally disgusted by the way Israel recklessly slaughters innocent people.  Hamas kills innocent people as well, but Israel holds themselves up in the international community as if they are somehow better.  They aren't. 

Both sides kill civilians, they just do it in a different manner.  Hamas uses suicide bombers to kill Israelis.  Israel sends fighter jets (that the U.S. gives them) into Gaza and drops bombs on civilian neighborhoods.  Both groups have been doing this for years.

The U.S. government should not sit idly by as Israel continues this action.  The are slowly exterminating an entire civilization.  The U.S. supplies Israel with a lot of money and a boatload of military technology.  They very easily could tell them to use their power more responsibly. 

I'm not saying that Israel shouldn't respond when a soldier is kidnapped.  They have every right to attack the people that kidnapped him.  The problem is that they are using the kidnapping as an excuse to initiate a more widespread attack against the Palestinians.


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