Bloggers and Democratic Leadership Getting Behind James Webb


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Thursday, August 17, 2006 - 12:00am

Bloggers and Democratic Leadership Getting Behind James Webb

Marine Corps veteran James Webb (D) is running against Senator George Allen in Virginia.  Thanks to his perseverance and Allen's racial remark, the race is now competitive.  As such, even Bill Clinton has decided to come down and campaign for Webb.  Now Bubba is a lot of things, many of them not good, but he is a great campaigner.  With Bill Clinton helping out, you know the race is going to come down to the wire.


James Webb, who will face Harris Miller in the June 13 Democratic primary, said he will focus his campaign on national defense.So who is this challenger, James Webb?  After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1968, James Webb chose a commission in the Marine Corps.  He went to Marine Corps Officers Basic School at Quantico, Virginia and finished 1st in his class out of 243 men.  He went on to serve in Vietnam as a company commander.  Webb left the Marine Corps in 1972 and went on to law school at Georgetown University.  He received his J.D. in 1975.  Right after law school, he decided to represent a fellow Marine (pro-bono) who had been convicted of war crimes in Vietnam.  Webb was eventually able to clear his name.


If that weren't enough, Mr. Webb taught literature at the Naval Academy, wrote six best-selling novels, and became Secretary of the Navy in 1987 under President Ronald Reagan.


Damn, that is quite a bio!  Consider me a fan.  Remind me again why he is losing to George Allen?  This guy is an American hero who has not only served his country admirably, but has gone on to incredible success as a civilian.


People like James Webb are the ones that should be representing our interests in Washington.  James Webb wants to make a difference and help people, as he has throughout his life.  His opponent is only concerned about running for President in 2008.


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