James Webb Takes the Lead in Virginia Senate Race


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Tuesday, September 5, 2006 - 12:10am

James Webb Takes the Lead in Virginia Senate Race

Senator George Allen (R-VA) is in big trouble now.  Just a couple months ago, he was leading in the polls by over 20%.  The challenger, James Webb, began to make some headway and was helped tremendously by Allen's macaca comment.  After Senator Allen's racial slur, James Webb closed the lead to 4%.  Now Webb has taken the lead!  In the latest Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll, James Webb has 47.9%, while Allen is down to 46.6%.


   Now that Webb is running neck and neck with Allen, the Democrats have decided to give him money to compete.  However, they barely gave him a dime before.  In June, Webb had only $424,000 in cash on hand.  Senator Allen had $6.6 million!  Webb was not even able to defend himself against the negative advertising from Allen's campaign.  Now he should be able to buy ad space on television.


It looks like the national Democrats screwed this one up initially, so it makes me wonder how many other states they could compete in if they put up a little fight.  In Virginia, Webb was closing the lead with virtually no money before Allen even made that macaca slur.  If the DNC wised up, they might realize that the electorate is extremely angry and looking for a change.  If the Democrats don't spend any money in races they think are Republican, they limit their chances.  They have been putting their funds into only six Senate races, hoping they could win them all.


What the James Webb candidacy show us is that Republicans are vulnerable all over the country. If Webb can take the lead in red state Virginia with no money behind him, just think of how many races can become competitive if the left were just willing to fight.


There are now seven competitive Senate seats currently held by the GOP.  The Democrats need to win six of these races plus hold their own.  Those are not good odds.  If they can make, say 10 races competitive, they'd have a better chance of winning six of them.


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