Lieberman Has John McCain Disease



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Wednesday, May 31, 2007 - 11:00pm

Lieberman Has John McCain Disease

In order to support his pro-war philosophy, Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) traveled to Iraq and declared that progress is being made.  Of course, Mr. Lieberman was accompanied by a team of armed soldiers and was wearing a bullet-proof vest and helmet.  Despite the rising death toll of American soldiers, Lieberman had the gall to state that he sees "significant progress" since his last trip.  Apparently, he's not aware (or chose to ignore) that this month was the third deadliest ever for U.S. forces and the worst in over two years.


 Joe's high-priced photo-op was not greeted warmly by many soldiers, who confronted him and asked when they were getting out of Iraq.  He didn't really have much of an answer for them.  However, Senator Lieberman knows that he was getting out of Iraq right after his picture was taken.


The next time any politician thinks about going to Iraq, they need to reconsider and stay home.  Thug politicos like Joe Lieberman simply want a few camera shots to show their constituents that they care.  The problem is that they don't care.  They care about getting re-elected, nothing more.


Senator Lieberman has joined John McCain in the disgraceful category.  McCain did virtually the same exact thing only a month ago.  These Senators are wasting the precious few resources of the military every time they pop in.  The military protects them and takes troops off their regular duty.  The presence of politicians makes the soldiers' job even more difficult. 


Lieberman and McCain are simply promoting their own agenda when they go to Iraq.  The troops are a distant second in their minds.  I don't know how they sleep at night.  If they show up again, let's drop them off (unprotected) in downtown Baghdad so they can determine first-hand how much progress we are making.


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