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Monday, April 2, 2007 - 8:55am

Straight Talk Express Veers Off the Road

When John McCain was running for President in 2000, his campaign bus was called the 'Straight Talk Express' because of how honest and truthful he was.  Those days are long gone now.  Today, John McCain is a bumbling, stumbling, old man who refuses to acknowledge the obvious with regard to Iraq.  Speaking from Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, McCain declared that Iraq was much safer and that Americans were not getting the full picture.


 This followed comments McCain made a few days ago telling Wolf Blitzer to "catch up" on the security picture in Iraq.  Unfortunately, McCain just does not get it.  Politically, he does not want to change his pro-war position for fear of being labeled a flip-flopper.  He is running for President again and needs to look very conservative to attract the support of bible-thumping, jesus-freaks on the far right.  If he dares to speak the truth about the war in Iraq and acknowledge the disaster that it is, he believes he will not receive the Republican nomination.


McCain cited this increase in safety on a day when six American soldiers were killed.  Hundreds more Iraqis have been murdered in the last two weeks.  McCain even had the gall to claim that it was safe to walk the streets in Baghdad.  Of course, he did this walk inside the Green Zone surrounded by dozens of armed soldiers.  When he left the Green Zone, he wore a bulletproof vest in a convoy of armored Humvees.  Sounds pretty safe to me.


Seven years ago, John McCain spoke the truth and garnered the respect and admiration of many Independents (like me) as well as folks on the left and right.  However, in recent years he has decided to pander to the lunatics of the religious right and has lost all sense of direction.  If he wasn't running for President, perhaps he would go back to being the maverick Senator from Arizona who was brutally honest no matter what.  My hope is that he drops out sooner rather than later and gets back to the man he was and not the disgrace he has become.


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