Keith Olbermann is My Hero


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Friday, September 1, 2006 - 12:15am

Keith Olbermann is My Hero

Keith Olbermann laid the smack down on Donald Rumsfeld the other day, which invoked the ire of fascist, imperialistic conservatives.  The dictatorship-loving neocons are calling for his head for his comments on his show Countdown.  The video from Keith Olbermann is shown below.  I was going to include it last night when Rumsfeld made his insane speech, but found one that was more detailed.


   Make no mistake, Donald H. Rumsfeld is an evil man who needs to be locked up.  He is responsible for the reckless and irresponsible management of the war in Iraq.  He is an egotistical, elitist, fascist who would like nothing more than to kill all his enemies, both home and abroad.  He is a monster and Keith Olbermann was 100% correct in ripping him to shreds.


MSNBC is now waffling on their support for Olbermann, waiting to see what the public has to say.  Shame on them.  They know who is right.  They need to back their guy at all costs, because this vocal minority that is calling for his resignation is just that; the minority.  The vast majority of Americans support Keith Olbermann because he speaks the truth.


The vast majority of this country knows that the war in Iraq was a horrible idea and that it is costing American lives unnecessarily.  They disapprove of this President and his administration, including Donald Rumsfeld.  Hell, even moderate Republicans have called for Rummy's resignation.  However, this President has chosen to ignore the moderate voices within his own party.  He is ruled by Cheney and other imperialistic lunatics.


We all need to support Keith Olbermann.  We need to support not only what he said, but his right to say it.


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