A Bad Day For Liberals


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 - 4:45pm

A Bad Day For Liberals

Today has not been a good day for the liberals in this country.  Karl Rove was told today that he wouldn't be indicted, George Bush flew to Baghdad to meet with the new Iraqi leader, and Patrick Kennedy agreed to plead guilty to a DUI.  Rove not being indicted is a huge disappointment, but I did think it was a good move for Bush to fly to Iraq.  As for Kennedy, that sniveling, little drunk should resign his seat and go directly to jail.

   On Karl Rove, I am very disappointed that he will not be indicted for his part in the Valerie Plame affair.  Rove has been getting away with a variety of crimes for decades now, but has been slick enough to never get charged.

For all the secrecy of the Bush trip, at 10:00am EST the media was reporting exactly how long George Bush would stay in Baghdad and that he had to take a dangerous 6 minute helicopter ride from the Baghdad International Airport to the fortified Green Zone.  The media reported this before Bush left, which put him at greater risk for his return trip to the airport.  Idiots.

As for the trip itself, Bush needed to do this if only to show support for the troops and the new government.  Even if it was just an elaborate photo-op, it was necessary.  I was surprised Bush hadn't been there since November, 2003 though.  The larger problem is that the situation on the ground has not changed.  The strategy has not changed.  The insurgency is still as large as ever and soldiers and civilians are dying every day.  I have yet to hear a clear strategy from either side to solve this war.

   Patrick Kennedy plead guilty to a DUI, but not for alcohol.  He still maintains the BS story that he was under the influence of Ambien and back medication.  He will serve no jail time, which is a tragedy.  He has already committed a number of crimes as an adult and would be in jail already if not for his last name.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are so completely incompetent that they will not push for Kennedy to resign his seat.  That will hurt them in November.

Bush will probably get a decent bump off his rock-bottom approval ratings, but it will be short-lived.  The reality in Iraq will be what drives this rating.  His approval should crawl up to the low 40's, but he will eventually slide back down to the 33% - 35% range.


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