Mark Foley - The Gift that Keeps On Giving


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- James Madison


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Wednesday, October 4, 2006 - 12:00am

Mark Foley - The Gift that Keeps On Giving

  • Not only did Mark Foley resign, but he may take the Republican leadership down with him. President Bush's poll numbers are already sliding back under 40% and the bible thumpers on the far right are calling for Denny Hastert's resignation.  Other Republican House members may also be in trouble.

  • Bush's approval peaked last week at 42%, but is now down to 39% and could get worse.  If he declines to 35% or below by election night, the Democrats will take control of both the House and Senate.  Write that down!


  • I love it when Republicans fight with each other.  They get on TV and claim to be moral and ethical, and two seconds later they are bashing gays.  Hypocrites!  One idiot on MSNBC's Hardball claimed that gay men are more likely to be pedophiles than straight men.  What a bigot!


  • The Democrats have been given a gift here.  Ok, they probably leaked the story themselves, but nobody is focused on that right now.  They leaked it too early, but it looks like the media will run with it for weeks.  The Democrats just have to keep the GOP fighting itself for five more weeks and they are home free.  Just stoke the fire a little bit, then get out of the way.


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