Mercenary Army Resumes Activity in Iraq



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Saturday, September 22, 2007 - 10:00pm

Mercenary Army Resumes Activity in Iraq

Blackwater personnel were allowed to go back to work in Iraq despite new video evidence showing that they had randomly killed civilians in an attack last week.  The mercenary murderers shot Iraqi civilians in the back as they were running away.  Eight people died on the scene and another three died from their injuries.


 Iraqi government officials attempted to throw the Blackwater mercenaries out of the country, but were rebuffed by U.S. officials.  Apparently the White House is ok with a mercenary army running around Baghdad shooting people in the back.


Here in America, people wonder why we aren't winning the war in Iraq.  This private army is part of the reason.  The United States employs mercenaries that shoot indiscriminately at Iraqi civilians.  Does anyone really think the U.S. is going to win the war when the American government condones these murders?  For every Iraqi civilian that is killed, the number of enemies created as a result grows exponentially. 


Just imagine if the situations were reversed.  Would the American public allow a mercenary army controlled by the government of Iraq into this country?  If those mercenaries shot American citizens in the back, what do you think our reaction might be?  Do you think we'd continue to allow it or do you think we'd fight?


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