In Ohio, Sherrod Brown Battles Mike DeWine


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Saturday, August 12, 2006 - 1:45am

In Ohio, Sherrod Brown Battles Mike DeWine

Six races are up for grabs in the Senate, one of which is for Senator of Ohio.  Mike DeWine (R) is the incumbent, but he is facing a tough challenge from Sherrod Brown (D).  Most of the reason DeWine is being challenged is because, well, he's a crook.  With strong ties to Jack Abramoff,  DeWine is neck deep in corruption.  In current polling by Rasmussen, Sherrod Brown has pulled ahead of Senator DeWine for the first time.  Brown is now leading 44% to 42%.


   DeWine continues to dig himself a hole in this political race.  In the video shown here, he attacks his opponent with a doctored image of the World Trade Centers.  If you pay close attention to the video, the wrong tower is on fire first and the smoke is not real.  The good Senator has changed the ad on his own site, but only after he was caught.  He's also admitted that some of the statements made in the commercial were not entirely accurate.


   As for Sherrod Brown, he responds to the attack ad here in this video.  That, I believe, is the only way to combat against attack ads in politics.  You must attack back and address the lies within each clip.  John Kerry failed miserably at that.  It applies to both sides of the aisle, as they are equally guilty of running false and misleading statements in their commercials.


In this race, however, it is amazing that Mike DeWine is even in it.  The man is as corrupt as they come.  Every time you turn around, someone he has a close relationship with is being indicted.  He's in bed with Jack Abramoff and he uses Swift-boat like ads to smear his opponent.


Throw the bums out is my mantra this year.  It started earlier this week with Joe Lieberman and Cynthia McKinney.  It should continue northward to Mike DeWine in Ohio.  The polls are trending toward Brown thus far, but it's still a long time between now and the election.  My prediction is that Sherrod Brown wins this seat, but does it by a very slim margin.  It strikes me as a 52-48 or 51-49 race.


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