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Thursday, December 13, 2007 - 1:40pm

How Scary is Mike Huckabee?

When you hear him speak, he seems like a nice guy.  He talks plainly and honestly, unlike many of the other frontrunners.  It is refreshing and part of why Mike Huckabee has risen to the top of the polls.  However, we're quickly finding out that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is one scary dude.


First came the revelation that he pressured the Arkansas parole board into releasing a convicted murderer, then there was his comments in 1992 about wanting AIDS patients separated from society.  He has also taken cracks at gays and lesbians.  Now Huckabee is taking swipes at Mitt Romney's religion. 


Mike Huckabee recently asked a reporter if Mormon's believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers.  He acted innocently when he asked, but knew full well that the quote would be pushed out to the mainstream media.


This religious intolerance displayed by Mike Huckabee is completely unacceptable!  He may be an honest man, but his truthfulness has shown him to be a bigot.


What we have in Mike Huckabee is a divisive figure intent on forcing his Christian religion on everyone.  He is intolerant of others that don't believe what he believes.  Perhaps he is unfamiliar with how this country was established.  Our founding fathers escaped religious persecution from lunatics in England.  From all indications, Huckabee wants to go back to that.


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