Pelosi Rips White House on Troops



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Saturday, January 20, 2007 - 12:10pm

Pelosi Rips White House on Troops

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tore into the Bush administration yesterday, accusing the president of playing politics with soldiers' lives by moving so quickly on the troop surge.  She stated that Bush was moving to put the troops in harm's way as fast as possible so that the funds for the surge would be granted.


Given the evidence, it's hard to argue with Pelosi on this one.  There is virtually nobody supporting this troop surge except for the academic neocons in the White House.  It is the people with no personal stake in this war that seem to be the most willing to commit more Americans into battle.  Bush hid in the National Guard for a few years with an extremely questionable service record, Cheney dodged the draft seven times, Condi is purely an academic, and the rest of them aren't much better.  The last military person in this White House was General Colin Powell, and he left in disgust after the first term.


Everything this president has done has been political in nature.  Not that the Democrats are any better, but the president is the commander in chief and has a responsibility to put the soldiers' lives above everything, especially politics.  Unfortunately, he views politics as more important.


The Democrats have become much bolder in the past month, helped tremendously by a number of Republicans that have revolted against Bush.  In the coming months, expect the Democrats to sharpen their attacks against the President and against the Iraq war.


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