Deputy AG McNulty Falls, But Gonzales Remains



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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 7:45am

Deputy AG McNulty Falls, But Gonzales Remains

It seems that everyone is being taken down in the Justice Department except for the one ultimately responsible.  The Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, second in command to Alberto Gonzales, has resigned over the U.S. Attorney firings case.  McNulty has served only 18 months in the position, but is stepping down amid stories of a divide between him and his boss.


Unfortunately, this is the not a shocking revelation.  The Bush Administration protects their inner circle by sacrificing people lower than them.  In this case, the furor was so loud that the thugs had to drop someone relatively high up, but it still didn't break their circle.  By forcing McNulty to resign, the administration insulated Alberto Gonzales just a little bit more.


Paul McNulty is no choir boy to be sure, but he is being made the scapegoat by the administration for their unethical behavior.  It remains to be seen whether Gonzales will ever have to step down, but at this point it looks like he will escape and remain above the law.


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